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Oct 14 2016

A Review of Marked by Temptation by Deanna Chase

Marked by Temptation by Deanna Chase

The first of two reviews of works in the Coven Pointe series by Deanna Chase, the second will follow in this Sunday’s book reviews. The author has published another series and this one runs parallel with the first, and, overall, that works for the most part. There is such a thing as giving some basic information when doing …

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Oct 13 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 456


One of the more rare images for the Succubi of the Week are those Succubi that have blue tinted skin. Red of course is the most common, but there is a bit more blue appearing here and there from time to time. I found one image that I thought was interesting, and as there hasn’t …

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Oct 12 2016

It’s not exactly vile as a costume, regardless of the name…

Vile Vixen Costume

Closer by the day to Halloween, the costumes are appearing here and there as they do. Sometimes those costumes are slightly more adult than most. That’s not a bad thing, and sometimes the costume isn’t all that bad… or vile as some think it to be. This is called the Vile Vixen Costume and it comes …

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Oct 11 2016

A Review of Pact of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

Pact of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

One of the authors that I follow is Leona D. Reish who has written quite a number of stories in which succubi appear in various forms. You can find two of my previous review of their works here and here on the Tale. What I find particularly interesting is this author’s use of succubus mind control …

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Oct 11 2016

A Review of The Succubus Hunter by Abbey Lynn

The Succubus Hunter by Abbey Lynn

One of the things that draws me into a story is when there is more going on than what the main characters deal with. That there are other succubi, a society in which they work towards a common goal and purpose. To me that’s interesting, it means that the succubi aren’t what one might expect …

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Oct 10 2016

The Second Coming – Part II By TeraS

Continuing on my October/Halloween story today… You can find Part One here on the Tale if you’d like to catch up on things… The perception of good—or evil, for that matter—can be very dependent on what one’s perspective is. Horns, tails, and so on aren’t always what they represent. Sometimes they are, however. The thing …

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Oct 09 2016

A Review of Demon Futa takes Revenge by Jocelyn Saragona

Demon Futa takes Revenge by Jocelyn Saragona

A short time ago an author released a series of three works about futa succubi. Each of these followed one specific character, then came to a close leaving the door open towards further stories about them. While I haven’t reviewed those works, but will shortly, one of the characters, named Sharis, is the centre of a …

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