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Mar 01 2010

In Remembrance…

In loving memory of a dear friend. Danny Lilithbourne 31 Years Young Forever January 2nd, 2010 …there is nothing more important than knowing one has friends, knows that they are with you always, and that friendship is forever… Rest well Danny… Tera

Feb 28 2010

Two Short Succubi Sunday Thoughts…

This past week on the Garden of MC, there was something that poked me into actually doing a little writing finally about Succubi ideas and thoughts… In short, you start with a single word and then write something but not longer than 55 words in length… This was my addition to the thread to the …

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Feb 27 2010

An odd myth mashup idea on YouTube…

Someone on YouTube has an idea for a novel… This is the work of someone named AngelKaiLina, and it’s called Kyla Uncaged… They posted a video of the idea and some of their thoughts on it… What connects that to my particular interest is that they have a character that is, for lack of a better …

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Feb 26 2010

Thoughtful Succubus Artwork…

I came across this image of a Succubus at another Blog and I have two issues with it… The first and most important one is, I have no idea who is the artist, or what it is supposed to represent and that really bugs me a lot so, does anyone know who did this or …

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Feb 25 2010

Succubi Image of the Week 114

This week’s Image of a Succubus actually answers a few questions for me.. A long time ago I came across an image of a Succubus that was uncredited and I couldn’t figure out who the artist was… This pencil artwork was that image… Now, the problem was that although I could find variations on this …

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Feb 24 2010

Disco Sparkly Succubus Costumes?

I do wonder sometimes, why so many costumes for Demonesses and Succubi look like something from the mid-1980 Disco mistake world of fashion… Like this one: Oh my where to being on this interesting idea of a costume… The costume consists of four parts. You get the sequined horns, the feather boa, a necklace and …

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Feb 23 2010

Temptations XLVIX

After the ending of last week in the RP, we start a story that was with a good friend whom opened some doors for the Queen of the Succubi in her universe… ______________________________ Temptations XLVIII By TeraS and Legion You enter a library searching for a book.  A book on legends and myths. You wander …

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