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Feb 26 2013

Desires 66

I wish that I could sing like I wish I could… But I can dream about it… ________________ Desires – Beginnings By BStyles and Tera S Part Two   She sat there watching him perform captivated by the emotion of the song. She did something that she had not done in so long. She actually cried …

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Feb 25 2013

Riders of the Storm by TeraS

My apologies to readers of the Tale that were expecting Storm Clouds to continue this week. Storm Clouds will return next week… In the meantime here is a short little Succubus Hot Flash that I wrote a while ago but never shared… It’s a bit different than my usual writing…   Riders of the Storm …

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Feb 24 2013

A Review of Suburban Succubus 2 by Jane Mesmeri

Suburban Succubus 2 by Jane Mesmeri

I was quite happy to see that an author I reviewed recently had released a followup to a Succubus story that I enjoyed. You can find that review here on the Tale. One of the things that, for me, is interesting to watch is what happens to a character when they are transformed into a Succubus. …

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Feb 23 2013

Yet another Morrigan Aensland tribute YouTube…

I found yet another YouTube of the succubus Morrigan Aensland with quite a number of lovely art pieces of her. It also has a music track that I think really fits well with her character… And in case you can’t see it here on the Tale: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8_DC3HMA3Q I think that, overall, Morrigan does, and is, …

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Feb 22 2013

Kenzi the Kitsune does not sound right at all…

I think the one thing I can say about this week’s episode is… thank goodness that fake Kenzi plot is over with. Honestly that was getting to me and just watching it end really made me happy. More, what made it right was Bo’s admitting that Kenzi was her heart. I have someone I call …

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Feb 21 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 268

Dream Evil by Anndr

Some of the art that I find for the Tale are truly pieces of art. This week’s Succubi is, I think, a perfect example of that… This work is called Dream Evil and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Anndr. I found this work on DeviantArt here originally, and this artist’s page is here too… …

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Feb 20 2013

Succubi do not need this much frills on their costumes…

Devil Fancy Dress Costume

One of the things that I look for in costumes is that they look nice. That’s not to say perfect, just nice. One of the things I hate is when a costume’s hem looks torn or if the accessories make the entire outfit look just wrong. Or if they use the word “fancy” to describe …

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