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Apr 03 2017

Wondrous By TeraS

Today is an important day in the Realm: a day my Eternal and I celebrate—our family is joyful in every year—a day for our friends on the other side of the Koi Pond, a day wherein my heart and his Beloved share in the blessing of Goddess bringing a wonderful soul into our world. A …

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Apr 02 2017

A Review of Succubus4Hire by Thea Blakesley

Much can be made of building heat in erotica. At the same time, heat by itself doesn’t quite make for the best of storytelling. The balance between storytelling and telling of the erotic can make, or break a tale. Describing the thoughts of a character in the midst of passion is a difficult thing to …

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Apr 02 2017

A Review of Demon in the Mirror: Taken By a Demon by J. D. Braxton

Demon in the Mirror: Taken By a Demon by J. D. Braxton

The telling of a story, erotic or not, requires certain thing to unfold. There needs to be, in some way, a connection to the characters, a plot that offers a story to be told and a resolution of that plot that’s more than the waving of a hand and a solution coming out of the …

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Apr 01 2017

A much too short Morrigan Aensland Cosplayer YouTube

Danielle Vedovelli as Morrigan Aensland

There is a cosplayer in Brazil who has some amazing cosplay. Her name is Danielle Vedovelli and she tends to portray a lot of video game characters such as, Morrigan Aensland, for example. I found a YouTube that has one image of her Morrigan Aensland cosplay, but I also have found a few more images to share …

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Mar 31 2017

A Review of The Demonic Bride Trilogy by Lacy Lane

I’ve read some of the author Lacy Lane’s works, and I’ve reviewed one of their works on the Tale a short time ago. The author published a trilogy which tells the story of a man encountering a succubus, being transformed by her, and then having to deal with the aftermath. I do enjoy stories that …

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Mar 31 2017

A Review of A Date with Lilith by J. D. Braxton

A Date with Lilith by J. D. Braxton

The mythos of Lilith can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. One of them, which bothers me to a large extent is that Lilith is a vampire in some way, shape or form. It bothers me, in a lot of ways, but if the story makes some sense, or if there’s something that …

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Mar 30 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 480

Succubus by creatormux

There is more to the Succubi than their horns and tail. If that was all that mattered, then really almost every being with horns and a tail might be one. There is an important point however that Succubi have. It is not so much their sexuality, but how seductive they are. Seduction is that which …

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