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Tale Book Review Policy

I’ve been asked to explain the review policy for books here on the Tale. In short, I will review any and all books that have a Succubus or Incubus appearing in them. Whether a minor or major character it doesn’t matter.

Normally, I purchase all of the books that I review on the Tale. But should I receive a book for review at no charge from the author, that will be noted in the review.

My rating system is as follows:

  • 5 Pitchforks – Buy this book
  • 4 Pitchforks – Minor problems, but well worth the read
  • 3 Pitchforks – Mostly minor problems, no major issues
  • 2 Pitchforks – At least one major flaw, poor or no editing
  • 1 Pitchfork – At least two major flaws, poor or no editing
  • 0 Pitchforks – Lots of problems, no editing, poor work, do not buy

I do give half pitchfork ratings as well.

I generally review one book per week, though occasionally I will review more than that. Most reviews will appear on a Sunday with additional ones appearing on either or both of Tuesdays, Fridays or the occasional Saturdays.

In addition, the reviews will also appear in the SuccuWiki within the article that the book in question appears on.

If there are any questions, please leave a comment, or email me and I will address them.




The following are the last 1,000 reviews on the Tale:


  1. Hi, I love your site! This is so awesome!

    I’m writing an ebook on Wattpad called “The Almost Rock Star (A Ghost Story)”. The book has jumped to the No. 11 “Hot” for Chicklit Paranormal in just 3.5 weeks.

    The Prince of Darkness shows up in Ch. 17. As the ruler of the succubus and incubus, I didn’t know if my book (which is unfinished) would qualify for your attention, but I wanted to give you a heads up. There might be a succubus coming in the next few chapters. There will be reappearances of The Prince of Darkness. Seduction and interactions of succibi are one of the books’ themes. I was going to put in a prologue that includes a succubi scene, but I wasn’t sure that wouldn’t give away too much, because the protagonist starts as a spiritually asleep young woman. I’m still thinking about that.

    I’m a former award-winning journalist who had a near death experience.

  2. For some reason, your website didn’t like me.

    Here was the rest of the email:

    I’m a former award-winning journalist who had a near death experience. The book is unedited, so please be forgiving. I’m thinking about rewriting the beginning, but I’m going to push through a few more chapters first.

    My debut novel, a YA fantasy, received a Silver Medal from Readers’ Favorite, its highest review award. It’s for sale on Amazon, and I have just put 10 chapters up on Wattpad for people to read. It’s Mary Baker and The Eye of the Tiger. It has a troubled sorceress, but the Prince of Darkness is only referred to; he doesnt’ appear.

    • Avatar photo
    • TeraS on October 1, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Thank you for writing D.M… And I hope what I wrote to you helps in some way!

    Best wishes always!


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