About Tera, The Queen of the Succubi

Tera's PortraitWelcome to my Blog, A Succubi’s Tale…

My name is Tera and I am known to some as the Queen of the Succubi…

This is my home on the internet, it is, I hope, a place where my thoughts about Succubi will appear, where my stories will be given light, and where, I hope, something good will be created…

I am a Succubi because of the desires of my husband Keith and a book that is close to our hearts called A Personal Demon… It involves a college professor and the demoness that he summons by accident… Over the course of the story they find themselves falling in love…

I have been Role Playing as a Succubi with him for quite some time now and came across a group called the HypnoPics Collective far back in the internet past… 2007 that is…

There is quite a bit of RPing on that site and in the course of things I was given the title of Queen of the Succubi there…

And still am to this day…

My main interests are Succubi, of course, and the legends, myths, history, stories and images they have…

I own several pairs of horns and tails and wear them regularly…

As well as a series of pitchforks…

So the question is… Am i going to huggle you or poke you with a pitchfork?

One can never tell can one?


It keeps things… interesting…




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I’ve been asked to explain the review policy for books here on the Tale. In short, I will review any and all books that have a Succubus or Incubus appearing in them. Whether a minor or major character it doesn’t matter. Normally, I purchase all of the books that I review on the Tale. But …

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  1. avatar

    I have to say this site is still amazing. A good site for any Incubi or Succubi.

  2. avatar


    Thank you for the kind words Shadow….

    And this is 1,000 comments on the Tale!!!!


  3. avatar

    Hi Tera,

    This image was good enough i thought i’d bring it to your attention.


    Kev 😉

  4. avatar

    I still love the site to this day. I hope one day i have some ideas. Though I can bring up some stories that my own Incubi concort wrote. Ones too evil even for the well porn industry lol.

  5. avatar

    Keep up with the good work Tera! This is the best Succubus site, and it’s gonna stay like that for a long time! (I am psychic)

  6. avatar

    Keep up with the good work Tera! This is the best Succubus site, and it’s gonna stay like that for a long time! (I’m psychic.)

  7. avatar

    *huggles for Settis and Shadow*

    Thank you both so so much… I hope to have some Halloween stories up soon too!


  8. avatar

    HI .. 🙂 How do I find a real succubus? Thank you. 😉

  9. avatar

    I’ll tell you one thing for sure… Don’t spend the several hundred dollars they ask for on eBay for trinkets and stuff to summon them… That’s a bunch of baloney… No self-respecting Succubus or Succubi would go for that…

  10. avatar

    Hi Qeen Tera …

    Below is a ebay Succubus spell to conjure a succubus for $13 – what do you think? Thanks. 😉

    SPELL TO CONJURE YOU YOUR SUCCUBUS. I tried to patse the whole article but it said it was spam – NOT. I will try a partial…….

    For those who may not know, a Succubus is a female sex spirit, whose only purpose is to provide sexual pleasure.

    This spell will conjure for you , your own personal succubus. Not ANY succubus, but the one that is perfect for you , your needs ,your fantasies and your wants and will share your same passions. When she appears the spirit will be literally lust filled, and looking for only you.

    She will visit you in the astral plane – when you are sleeping or in deep meditation – and with her you will experience things not possible in everyday life. Not only will she be there for your pleasure, but to teach you. You will not have to tell her anything, for as a spirit, she will know what you want every time.

    Thanks Qeen Tera … John

  11. avatar

    *puts on horns and straightens them a bit*

    I’ve always been of the view that the majority of these spells are just a bunch of junk not worth the paper they are written on or the bauble that comes with them…

    In fact I’ve ranted about them a lot in the past on the Tale because, honestly, no self respecting Succubus or Succubi for that matter would be connected with them…

    I don’t believe in the methods that they use, nor do I think that they should be taken close to anything like seriously…

    The spelling in those ads make me cringe…

    It also bugs me that they mess up succubi and vampires over and over again in their spells…

    I’ll say one thing that to me makes a lot more sense…

    Dream about them…

    It works a lot better…



  12. avatar

    Hi Queen Tera … 😉

    I still prefer black patent thigh high boots and heels over red patent on a lady Succbus. 😉 I commented on your twitter. Everyone has their own fetish tastes. It is sooooo HOT with shiny blackpatent … mmmmmm 😉

  13. avatar

    Well, considering that I have raven hair, the red works better for me to be honest… Not that I don’t wear black, I do like it in the right outfit you see…
    I just think that if you are all in black you tend to fade into the background…
    Red fixes that problem…


  14. avatar

    I’m glad there are other people out there with the some passion for the succubus people that I do, well even greater than mine it seems.

    I tell you Tera, if you weren’t married, much older than I am (18), and I wasn’t already married to a succubus. (She’s an astral like I previously stated.. so I’m not OFFICIALLY married, but I don’t see this relationship ending anytime soon. Once you’ve had demon, you can’t go back dood. 8) ) I’d be in love with you. *laughs*

  15. avatar


    I blame my hubby for the whole thing…



  16. avatar

    Hi Queen TeraS 😉

    There is no such thing as a dumb question sooooo ….. Is that you with the raven black hair on top of the header of this website with the red horns? You are so pretty if that is you. I love and prefer brunettes and black haired girls. Mmmmm

    If you have any raven girlfriends errr succubus please send her my way …. dessed like a she captain aboard a 1690 tallship complete with sexy stilettoes black patent thigh high boots …. costume ….. cutlass… wide black belt with jumbo silver buckle. *wink* Succubus dress as your wildest fantasies can imagine? ❓


  17. avatar
    Magicman kgn6

    you filthy demon lovers..if they were real..they would be slain by those that see the evils of the night, and maybe i fell..demon lovers should be taught a lesson to

  18. avatar

    I’ve been waiting for someone like you to post something like this for quite some time now…

    I wonder if you have read the legend of Lilith?
    I wonder if you have any idea what a Succubus is?
    I wonder if you took the time to read what I am or what a Succubi, which is my mythos, is?

    Succubi are not demons. Never mind the current idea of them in popular culture with has nothing to do with their real meaning…

    Perhaps you should do some research and understand what you rant against first?


  19. avatar
    Magicman kgn6

    HEH..HEH..HA HA HA! Let me guess…your one of those..”Oh lilith was wrongly accused, she was a fairy, not a demon queen.” you like myths miss tera? did you know its said lilith is the reason that the dragons are dead, lilith is the reason innocents were killed in the salem witch hunts. You probably dont even know when lilith was supposedly born.

  20. avatar
    Magicman kgn6

    ONE MORE THING! Yes i do know what a succubus is, a vampire that feeds off sexual energy…or in more basic terms…A MONSTROUS WOMAN WHO KILLS PEOPLE THROUGH SEX!

  21. avatar

    And here we have a fallacy in your argument. IF they were vampires that would mean by definition that they were undead, which in the myths and legends they are not.
    So sorry my dear, but no, that will not work here.
    Succubi are the children of Lilith, if you want to approach it that way, and as such they are not vampires.


  22. avatar

    As for your assertion about Lilith, no. You are incorrect again. That is not my view. Lilith would not submit to Adam. She wanted to be an equal and suffered for that so called sin.

    If you would like to discuss this, as I have with many people over the years, I would suggest that you have an open mind about the possibilities of what might be.
    Taking assumptions doesn’t work here…


  23. avatar

    Oh and lastly, it’s obvious that you haven’t had a look at what to me Succubi are, or for that matter what they are here in this Realm.
    Maybe seeking an informed opinion would do some good rather than assuming certain things about me that you have no idea of…


  24. avatar
    Magicman kgn6

    yea yea yea…Lilith was the real “women’s rights activist.” Whether or not she submit to Adam is none of my concern, my question is, if you do not agree with me that Lilith is a demon lover..then please tell me miss, as i am not a angry preacher…what is Lilith if not a demon?

  25. avatar

    What is Lilith?

    That is a question that depends on your own personal beliefs more than anything else to be honest.
    To some she is a mother figure, to others a Goddess, still more see her as a demoness, and there are still others that see her in ways that I have not seen nor know of…
    Lilith is whatever you decide in your own mind and soul that she is.
    What she is to me matters not a whit to be truthful.
    Remember that old saying -> To Thyself Be True.

    Consider that, and keep that in your own mind. But respect that which others believe her to be.



  26. avatar
    Magicman kgn6

    she is your…”persona.” a part of you..i understand that all to well

  27. avatar

    It seems to me that any truly good being would evaluate each person/being on what she or he has done her-or-himself. It also seems to me that any God who forgives the way the God of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures forgives would not punish a woman over a bedroom disagreement with her husband, or would punish the husband equally; so, if the punishment is eternal damnation and demonization, we’re all in a whole lot more trouble than we thought.

    That being said, the original Lilith stories are midrash–not Scripture, not Torah–having as much religious authority as the “Chronicles of Narnia.” The idea that Lilith gets made into a demon is a patriarchal male assumption being plastered over the plan of God presented in Scripture (and anybody who says that God is completely patriarchal needs to examine the stories around Rebecca, Rachel, Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth). Lilith is a fictional character who has been used in popular cultures to beat up on women.

    That being said, I refuse to believe that God would hold everybody who looks like Lilith responsible for Lilith even if Lilith was that way. And, in the particular mythos (of the succubi, not the succubus) celebrated here, no succubi behaves as an evil being. So we can’t say “too bad, they’re evil anyway.”

    The mythos here is what it is. No fair for anybody to come along and declare that he or she wants to play here but not play by the rules of the mythos.

  28. avatar
    Magicman kgn6

    im hoping that wasnt being targeted at me james

  29. avatar

    hi, i’m new to this forum. and i like to say. i like this. i would like to add to Tera S’s comment that succubi are not demons( if i read that right). and she is right. they are not. there was a teacher in jewish mysticism name rabbi issac luria. he had taught there were many liliths and many samaels. and not all of them weren’t evil. he had taught that the love triangle of adam, lilith and eve was symbolized by the love triangle of jacorb, leah, and rachel. and leah was lilith. there is also a commentary of one of the books of the zohar called the book of concealment capthers 4 and 5 that speak of two prositutes who came before the king about the possession of a child. and were amazed by his wisdom. it is said that these two women (nashiym) were actually lilith and naamah. and after that the lilim (i.e. succubi in jewish mysticism) were connect to adam through the spirit of wisdom/the shekinah of God.

  30. avatar

    post script: correction. when i said that there were many samaels and many liliths. i meant they all weren’t evil. not they all weren’t not evil. sorry. 😆 this is a wonderful site. best wishes! :mrgreen:

  31. avatar


    Hello and welcome Rich!

    I wanted to especially thank you for the absolutely beautiful drawings you placed in the Gallery here… They are especially touching to me because I have pondered and written about Egyptian succubi here on the Tale and elsewhere both myself and a dear friend of mine James has as well…

    You bring up some interesting thoughts about Succubi in the Jewish faith, and yes, I don’t believe that Succubi are demons, I just cannot see the way that bringers of pleasure can be things of evil in that way…

    I truly hope that my thoughts and yours can bring better understand to us all…


    Thank you so so much for sharing!


  32. avatar
    Dan Trem

    I never beleived in such stories until recently and I am intrigued by the succubus. I find it very disturbing that the ignorant constantly malign these spirits and for centuries have portrayed them an evil creatures. I would like to learn more about the succubus and would welcome getting to know one. I have had a few intense dreams which I have to wonder about. I mean the intensity was beyond real, so much so I woke with my heart pounding. Basically a blond woman entered my bedroom while I was asleep and I felt an unusually warm sensation at my mid section. I never thought something like this was possible and I think my body was actually moving in response to this incredible warmth. My question is was this an actual encounter or just a wild dream.

    If this was real, how do I thank this spirit and how do I get her to return.



  33. avatar


    Hello Danny… It’s nice to “meet” you…

    I have had this conversation with a few people and what seems to be the most common idea or method of having the experience again usually comes to a simple idea…

    Write as much of the experience down as you can… Then, try to read it before you go to sleep and think about the feelings, emotions, and what it was like to be there with her…

    I personally, as has my Eternal, been of the option that Succubi are not evil beings, they are bringers of wonder and pleasure to those they they are attracted to…

    Was the experience real? I believe in sprits and things that we don’t quite understand so it is possible… Never forget that what is accepted as possible today is just what we understand right now…

    You never know what the universe has or is….

    Love and Huggles


  34. avatar

    hey there i’m pretty fresh on the idea of getting to know succubi and have wondered a lot about them. i’ve done some research but i don’t think i’m finding the right results at all.

    i want to know how to atract a succubus, what kind of relationship is normal for them, how they communicate with humans, and the “real” facts about succubi.

    i really look forward to a relationship with a succubus and just plainly want to know how to achieve that, haha. btw really like the website 😀

  35. avatar


    Thank you Chance for the kind words…

    I have mentioned this before as my thoughts on “other world” Succubi and that is they are attracted to dreams and desires I think… I believe that there are many different kinds and if you have a really good clear idea about the one you want and dream of them…

    They will appear…


  36. avatar

    hello im of like mind about succubi & incubi i don’t believe they are evil just misunderstood i myself was misinformed until i looked into it a bit further,and having found nothing there decided to rely on my own beliefs i do think this is a wonderful site and i also role play as a vampire myself (the two not to be mistaken) i would love to speak with you some time and hear your views and opinions on succubi maybe you could teach me something on the subject any way i really like your site and would love to hear from you best wishes

  37. avatar


    Thank you for visiting Sabastian… If you want to find me, have a look in the Forum for ways to contact me…

    Thank you for looking and caring!


  38. avatar

    A few words of warning.
    My name is Alexia, I am 42 000 years as a succubus. It is not something anyone should want. Darkness is a curse. Do not play at it. It will hunt you down and enslave. Every succubi is queen of thier kind, and of thier man. If you continue a real succubi may challenge your dominance over yours, taking him in his sleep, by stealth.
    We don’tkill our boys, they are our meal tickets.
    WE will keep them alive but for our own purpose, not you.
    Be careful. Tbis is a dangerous game

  39. avatar

    I am a Succubi. Not a Succubus my dear. You are the old ways. I and my kind are of the new ways. I have love from those around me, the joy of knowing my Eternal is mine forever. Of knowing my heart protects me, my loves are with me. My Sisters and Brothers stand with me.

    I am not like you. And for that I am loved by my family evermore. Please do not confuse my desires to be something more, for what you see as a game. It isn’t. I know that. I always have because being who I am for my Eternal changed my life for the better… and I have done much for others in this world.

    If you do not see the difference, I cannot help you in that. I respect your world and beliefs. Please do not dismiss mine out of hand.


  40. avatar
    Elton Robb

    You can use the image of my succubus, the permission is already there. If you looked closely you would see a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 U.S. License. All you need to do to prevent fraud is just say that I’m the one that rendered it. 🙂

  41. avatar

    Well, I try to ask for permission wherever possible, that’s just good manners really, and I would do better than that. I normally link to the page it was found on, link to the blog or site in my links, and give full credit in the discussion over the image I post…

    But I still ask, because, well…

    It’s just the right thing to do…


    Thank you for your kindness Elton and I will send you a note when she appears!


  42. avatar

    Hello Tera S . Pleasure 2 meet you. You have an amazing and very awsome site. I was wondering if you could help me out ? I have been trying 2 summon succubis but nothing has happend yet am i doing somthing wrong? IM a bit confused by other sites . If you have time 2 help me out i would greatly appreciate it THANX. do u just fantacise about your succubis ?
    🙁 😉

  43. avatar

    Succubi, the kind that are about seduction and so on, are my kind of thing… And it’s not just a question of a fantasy, but it’s something that, for my Eternal, I get into a bunch… You’ll never summon a Succubi… They come in dreams and if you manage the right dream, then you might see one in them…
    But otherwise?
    You aren’t likely to seem them in the real world…


  44. avatar

    ThankYou Tera S .For helping me understand this a little more . So it is all about a individuals dream state. Sorry if i confused you i do that alot 😀

  45. avatar

    I think it is really… Dreams are, when you think about it, the way we figure out what our realities are…

    So, in dreaming of something you want, or need, it can become reality…

    At least I think so…



  46. avatar

    Hello its me again . I do not mean 2 be a pain by replying 2 you . But i have a question ? I was told by a friend of mine that supposedly had an experience with a succubis. And they said when she comes 2 you or touches you that it feels like static electricity. Is that true? Because i had that feeling last night when i was dreaming about this woman .I will leave the rest of the details 2 you 2 figure out if you catch my drift . p s but the experience last night was exillerating actually i dont have the words 2 explain it. THANK YOU AGAIN Tera S

  47. avatar

    To be honest, I have heard different things rom different people with regards to “feelings” or sensations connected with them… I think that it really does depend on the individual person and their connection…

    That’s not to say it isn’t possible, just it’s different for everyone I think…


  48. avatar

    THANK YOU Tera S. for helping me understand this subject more . I am sorry if i offend you in anyway by replying to all your answers but i am just curious is all. And i would like to know. PLEASE LET ME NO IF I AM OFFENDING YOU in your next reply . Have a great day Tera S . 😆 😀 THANKS AGAIN

  49. avatar


    Nope… All is kk…

    You too MG…


  50. avatar

    Hello TeraS. i have been busy lately i finally got myself a job . Just wanted 2 say thanx 4 all the help i understand this a little more. But 1 thing i have been having this dream about a woman and im a bit confused could it actually be a succubus lol. 😀

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