About Tera, The Queen of the Succubi

Tera's PortraitWelcome to my Blog, A Succubi’s Tale…

My name is Tera and I am known to some as the Queen of the Succubi…

This is my home on the internet, it is, I hope, a place where my thoughts about Succubi will appear, where my stories will be given light, and where, I hope, something good will be created…

I am a Succubi because of the desires of my husband Keith and a book that is close to our hearts called A Personal Demon… It involves a college professor and the demoness that he summons by accident… Over the course of the story they find themselves falling in love…

I have been Role Playing as a Succubi with him for quite some time now and came across a group called the HypnoPics Collective far back in the internet past… 2007 that is…

There is quite a bit of RPing on that site and in the course of things I was given the title of Queen of the Succubi there…

And still am to this day…

My main interests are Succubi, of course, and the legends, myths, history, stories and images they have…

I own several pairs of horns and tails and wear them regularly…

As well as a series of pitchforks…

So the question is… Am i going to huggle you or poke you with a pitchfork?

One can never tell can one?


It keeps things… interesting…




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I’ve been asked to explain the review policy for books here on the Tale. In short, I will review any and all books that have a Succubus or Incubus appearing in them. Whether a minor or major character it doesn’t matter. Normally, I purchase all of the books that I review on the Tale. But …

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  1. avatar

    *mwahs* Hehe, as always, a wonderful story sis! <3

  2. avatar
    Daniel A Palmer

    I was intregued by A book I read (succubus on top) I would like to get in to role playing but I dont quit know how to start somthing like that, I am in Surprise AZ witch does not help. (lol) I am I young boy (21) so I am interested in the role of the incubus not the succubus lol as if you didn’t already know that. but any way I would like some people I could talk with about this and see where I end up at.

    Thanks again Daniel P. nella6891@yahoo.com

  3. avatar

    Hello Daniel..

    At some point in the near future there will be a substantial RP here about the Succubi and the Incubi… A great deal of the groundwork for that is being entered into the SuccuWiki here at Succubus.net. I hope to have that portion of the site working by April with some luck… In the meantime, there is some RPing of Succubi on the Collective, the links are available here in the Tale. As well a small amount on the Garden, that link is here too. Otherwise if you Google a bit, there are some otherworld RPs on other sites that might interest you…

    Hope this helps!


  4. avatar

    Three night in blissful wonder, woken up in dreamy slumber. Visits from the Daughters of Lilith, drain of life yet seem to will it. In my dreams She comes to feed, Who am I, Just fill Her needs. My only fear is on day She’ll say TONIGHT I FEED TO END YOUR DAYS, join me where my victims lay.

    I hope She comes Anyway

    Draco (Jimbo) 👿 :love: :sick:

  5. avatar

    Well. . . lets see where you,re getting at . . so you,re the queen of succubus ? *smile* ha ha ha. . .my friend is a incubus so he wanted me to know wtf a succubus was well i kinda am interrested now :K i myself do not have any intention to tell you who of what i am but still . .. . i wanna talk with you a little more private but still due internet .. i gotta see what people *wrong sentece* Succubus like yourself are cappable of

  6. avatar

    *tail swisch*

    Oh my poor poor dear…

    You have no idea what you are asking do you?


    But that’s alright… You have no idea who you are dealing with or why I am the Queen of the Succubi…

    Because you haven’t taken the time to read a little and understand….

    But perhaps someday you will…


    I am a Succubi at the wishes of my Eternal…

    I am the Queen because I am the first of my kind…

    And whether or not that is something you accept, it matters not to me or those that know me…

    Because those that know and understand…



  7. avatar

    Ya know what . . . ha ha ha. .. you really think that i am just gonna listen to you because you,re just a queen :K well i have no intention of talking in this way but i like your additute so ya know what ! letss play a game little succubus . give me your msn and lets see what you can do when your up againts a “Normal Human”

  8. avatar

    *pet pet*

    You can believe anything or do anything you want my dear…


    But thank you for calling…

    And if you want to find me on MSN…

    That information is around here somewhere if you are eager enough to find it…

    *tail swisch*


  9. avatar

    i have heard from my friend mido,,,,
    that you say succubuses are beter than incubuses.
    What a joke…….


    ((Dumb comments not worth seeing here))

  10. avatar

    Alright Damic that i didn’t say but again you always take things the other way but anyway. . .

    *Damic* (The Leader Of The Incubus And The CREATOR Of Succubus. (Because Incubusses made Succubuses*

    Msn eh i think i got you ^^ so lets play a little story and first i will be playing it and then Damic (aka Jeffrey)


  11. avatar


    Oh you poor dears…

    First of all I don’t think Succubi are better than Incubi…

    We’re the same…

    And if you would read you’d realise that my husband is my Incubi mate…

    You’d also realise that language like the two of you are using is no way to get the attention of a Succubi…

    *tail swisch*

    I edited your comment Damic because it’s quite obvious that you are an immature little boy that can’t deal with a strong woman…

    Maybe someday you’ll figure out that being an Incubus means that you seduce others rather than abuse them…

    Oh and as for my creator?

    You still have no idea who that is…

    And it isn’t you my dear nor anyone in the dark places…

    Neither you nor anyone else has hold over my kind…

    And if you both would understand the mythos and legends of the Incubi and Succubi you would see that the Incubi did not in fact create the Succubi…

    But again I suppose that hoping for an intelligent, well written, well spelled conversation would be asking too much right?

    Now run along like good little boys and bother someone else…

    *wave wave*


  12. avatar

    Well i have no intention of going away. the fun has just started ^^ . but i don’t wanna look it up so can you just please tell it to me ^^ *yup i know i am being nicer but just lets get this over with i just came here to know things of succubi so i am willing to know so just give it already >.>

  13. avatar

    And owh yeah Damic also wants your msn so just say it to him and to me ^^ *and if you think you can get a hell of fun outta me or damic well then your just into for a hell of amusement ^^ :K

  14. avatar

    Manners count my dear…

    Do try to remember that will you?

    As for learning something, why don’t you have a look at the Wiki of the Succubi?

    All sorts of information there if you care to do some reading…


    *pet pet*



  15. avatar

    i wanna have a rol play with you so just give me your msn my dear ^^ *pets you back and holds your hand* i am mannered so i know how to be polite ^^

  16. avatar

    dont mind my little brother.
    his a complete stranger with manners.
    i’ll say sorry for him.
    he has to much pride.
    so sorry My lady.

    greets for rael

  17. avatar

    dont mind my brother.
    he dusnt posse brains.
    and is a complete stranger with manners.
    i’m sorry for his bother.
    i’m make my excuse for that.
    sorry my lady

  18. avatar
    rael aezo

    sorry for my brother,
    he has no sense of manners.
    thats why i say sorry in the name of the blood line.

  19. avatar

    Why Are you making excuse for Damic ? You know how he is and you can’t say that he has too much pride because thats a lie >.> *and i still want that msn xD* but still i dont care but still when he finds out he will kill you so rael just be prepared 😛

  20. avatar


    Two things boys…

    One is that manners include swearing…

    It’s my Tale and I will remove that from the comments here…

    Second is that if you can’t try to be mature I won’t be inclined to RP with any of you…


    *tail swisch*


  21. avatar

    Since the words “brother” and “incubi” were mentioned I thought I should stop in and make an introduction.

    The handle is FreezeFrame and I also answer to the title of “TeraS’s brother” and “Incubi”.

    Tera is sexy, smart, seductive and everything a gent (or a lady) would desire in a succubi. She certainly expanded my horizons when she helped me to release my inner incubi. Something you will learn if you hang out here long enough is Tera doesn’t take souls, she frees them.

    Oh yah and I do have her MSN 😈

    *heads out to the local saloon while whistling “Ring of Fire”*

  22. avatar

    how dare you rael…..
    but anyway mabye i was some how wrong,
    i’m sorry i guess …..

  23. avatar

    well well . . *looks down* if you want manners . . . then i guess. . if i just wanna have a roleplay .. . i think that i then must not do the roleplay but Azriel . . . *looks up* still :K i think that this whole conversation doesn’t make any sence i just wanted a msn to make a roleplay and this is where it all ended xD ? well then i say that this is just a waste of time :K

  24. avatar

    *twines my tail gently around Mido’s waist*

    *nuzzles my lips against his neck while I trace my fingernails slowly down your chest*


    All you have to be is nice and you have my attention….



    *slowly kisses along your cheek to your lips*

    You catch more Succubi with honey…


    ((Watch your Email my dear….))


  25. avatar

    *Mido looks to her and used his arm to stop her finger* Well let,s get this straight . . No succubus can ever temp me ! *made hisself free and looked to her* I will always win from a succubus thats a fact ! *he turned his back around and didn’t look to her* (alright thank you for the information ^^ )

  26. avatar

    *Mido looked to the succubus and he said* like you can temp me *you heared he had a little bit afraid but he didn’t let it too big to let it see. * (i still don’t have your msn xD) *Mido wanted to walk away WITHOUT being noticed. . .

  27. avatar

    Dear Tera: Good evening: This is John Condenzio again, the author of The Shadow of the Succubus/The Eternal Thirst etc. I just read your poem I Know and found it remarkable because in the book one of the tools the Succubus uses to seduce the writer is her ability to read his thoughts and find out about his darkest desires and fantasies. It could have been right out of the book. Strange, and interesting, to say the least.

  28. avatar


    Thank you for your kind words John!



  29. avatar

    This whole succubus thing is SOOOOOOO HOT. The thoughts of a succubus ( or two or three ) feasting on me and COMPLETELY having me at her will is “frustrating”. 🙂 grrrrrrrrroowwl.

  30. avatar
    The Unknown

    I do doubt.Succubus or any of that myth is real,besides nobody could seduce me. *he smirks as he pushes up his glasses,he then brushes his hair back slightly with his hand*

  31. avatar

    *tail swisch*

    You just never know what appears in dreams do you now my dear?


    And if you enjoy your fantasies, then all that is in them might be true somewhere in the universes…

    Who knows?

    Perhaps someday you will face your own and then you’ll see won’t you?


  32. avatar

    Hey Tera,

    I’d like to start off by wishing you Happy Holidays. I’m twenty five and was first introduced to succubi when I saw an episode of the long-vanished Showtime series “The Hunger” called “Necros”. Here is a clip from that episode so you can see for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro4gvP3EEV0. I find succubi to be fascinating, not to mention incredibly sexy. Anyway, I would love to chat with you sometime, so if I could get your MSN screenname, I’d appreciate it.

    Talk to you soon,

  33. avatar


    Welcome and hello Aaron!

    Happy Holidays and I wish you and yours all the best for Christmas!

    Keep an eye on your MSN for a message from me.. Might not be today but hopefully in the next day or two?


    Talk to you soon!


  34. avatar

    Hm, It seems this must be the 4th or 5th time I’ve come back to this site in about a week. It seems you have my attention. So i thought I would come and say that your charms seemed to have worked… again…

    Hoping to run into you again,

  35. avatar


    Well… Hopefully the forum will be up and running on the 1st and you’ll have your opportunity!


    Hope that you find stuff to interest you often!


  36. avatar

    Hey Tera!

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. Just wanted to let you know that I’m on MSN right now if you’re free and available to chat.

    Talk to you soon,

  37. avatar

    Dear Queen Tera,

    I will certainly be happy when the forums are running.. I have a distinct passion for all things Succubi, and Speaking to others with the same passion might be beneficial.

    Have a great day..

  38. avatar

    Hi Tera,

    I’ve visited your site a number of times over the last year or so(after becoming interested in the succubus legend(?) and doing a search)…it’s a good site and i like the setup. I find myself intrigued by you (and any female interested in the succubus mindset, especially a hot one like yourself judging by your picture…you’d do a succubus entity proudly i believe (want a soul? …only a piece at a time mind you, not all at once ;-))…anyway, just a little bit about me…i had what i call a paranormal experience a few years ago (it was diagnosed as schizophrenia) and to make it short, have been intimate with a few spirits on occasion (no succubi per say, but a few on the angelic side as well as a few on the non angelic side, but all ‘spirits’ if you will)…my ‘experience’ lasted about 8-10 months and included what i term as ‘creation’, angels/god, fallen angles/demons/satan, the battle between the angles of god and the fallen angles and/or demons(they used a ‘point’ system when i was involved during that brief time, instead of an all-out war, *shrug*), etc(or the spirit world if you will…a lot of it also had to do will parallel worlds too)…but have yet to find a true succubus spirit(sorry, but the mindset exists, for example i met an east Indian girl and her spirit said “You’re mine!”, and she was ‘hot’ too(and i mean ‘hot ‘in both ways…i envisioned a door opening with a red fire-like light coming out of it with her and she had a black fog-like cloud surrounding her spirit…fun;)) My experience was that each of us has a ‘spirit’ that was our previous existence to this life that we can’t access the memories to, and from my communication with the other spirits(angelic) apparently i was one of them(angelic spirit) and i have been around for a very long time(very old spirit/soul) Are you interested in corrupting a possible angel? Hmmm? 😉 Though you’re probably too late as i’m a bit corrupted already (though still on the side of God and will probably always be(i’ve had someone actually threaten to kill me if i leave them(angels of God), which was unnecessary, but interesting, i may smack him around a bit when i get back to the spirit realm), but i do not necessarily follow all the rules all the time…guess i’ll have to do a little penance later 😉 anyways, i ramble, and just really wanted to say ‘hi’ and give you a bit of my experience with the spirit realm which i though might be of interest to someone interested in succubi…anyway, say ‘hi’ back if you like, but will warn you, my life is a bit of a mess and i may not respond very quickly if you do decide to contact me.

    later, and love the site,

    Kev 🙂

    Sorry about the writing skills…been a while since i’ve taken english class and i’ve kinda developed my own unique writing style over the years…bye for now 🙂

  39. avatar

    *waves to Kevin*

    Hello and thank you for your comments!

    Lots of interesting ideas to ponder there and just writing about them here isn’t quite enough, so look on the February 10th, 2009 Tale post for something more from me…



  40. avatar

    Hi Tera,

    Thanks for the reply, very cool to be on your main page, and not sure why your e-mail would bounce, i am using the correct e-mail address (must be my angelic succubi e-mail filter 😉 …anyway, i would be interested in any experiences you have had with the spirit world to see if it coincides with my experience if you are willing to share them and/or have the time. And just to let you know, i may look you up in the afterlife, that is if my spirit is not already aware of you and/or knows you 🙂 Also, good to know you are ‘lawfully good’, though perhaps a little disappointing that you are not after my soul, which might be fun…i’d play hard to get 😉 Anyways, hope you are doing well, and say ‘hi’ whenever you wish (hint, use Alta Vista).

    Kev 🙂

  41. avatar

    Hi Tera,

    Thought this might amuse, but maybe not, don’t know 😉 …the second girl on the right (Colleen) reminds me of you (based mostly on your picture)…i haven’t yet told her that she reminds me of a succubi i know (and may not, she is already mad at me for apparently not saying ‘hi’ a few days ago) …anyways, hope you are doing ok, Kev 🙂


  42. avatar

    Hi Tera…;)

    I noticed you have some interest in stocks…i’ve dabbled with stocks/currency trading on and off for about 10 years or so and just like to spread a little knowledge about the financial institutions that i’ve come across over the years.

    This will get you started…;)

    stockcharts.com/ (actually had a subscription to these guys in my day/swing trading days)

    Kev 🙂

    If you have any interest in ‘having a go’ at my soul, let me know eh? *grin* 😉

  43. avatar

    Well if you feel like joining the forum there is some RPing going on there you know…


  44. avatar

    Not quite up to playing with you on the forums yet (maybe one day)…nice to see your mood is ‘angelic’ today 🙂

    Kev 🙂

  45. avatar

    Hi Tera,

    I believe succubi need money just like the rest of us (and a little gold/silver jewelery never hurts either) …so:

    Kev 🙂

    Bin watching some apparent experiences with Heaven/Hell recently on youtube…some interesting stuff, though have never experienced anything like that myself (mine was mostly ‘visions'(like daydreams mostly) and listening to the spirit world/realms…i never had any so-called out of body experiences)

  46. avatar

    Hi Tera 😉

    I ran across an interesting video about “Angelic Humans” today and thought i might share…i’m not entirely sure where the information in this video came from, but it is interesting nonetheless.



    Kev 🙂

  47. avatar


    Hi Kev…

    I watched the YouTube and I have to admit that for the most part I didn’t see a lot in it that really made me sit up and take notice of it all… Seemed like a lot of random thoughts glued together with duct tape to be honest…

    But that’s just my opinion… I could be wrong…


  48. avatar

    I am a Succubi myself and am learning to Embrace that. This site is amazing I can say that much. And would also love to meet other Succubi and the Queen of course.

  49. avatar

    hey Tera, delicious site I could get into alot of trouble here

  50. avatar


    Thank you for the kind words Bryan!


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