Look Forward by TeraS

Another somewhat short story this week on the Tale. The reason is the same as it has been for the past little while; there are no answers, as yet, to be shared. Still, it is just past the day when time skips ahead one hour, and it is also the point in time when we …

Look Forward
By TeraS

There was still a lot of snow. Soon enough there wouldn’t be as much snow. The calendar noted that winter was soon to come to a close; the chill in the air would lessen and the warmer winds would arrive. Spring was, after all, just around the corner. The calendar also made note of a day which marked the point where two Eternals shared their vows and began writing their story together, a moment that heralded what was waiting before them, the story to be written by the love that brought them together.

The ceremony was so very simple, for they didn’t have the means to be more than that. That didn’t matter to the ebon-maned bride with so-green eyes. She knew that he wanted to give her more than what he’d managed for the day that marked the inception of their lives to be. It didn’t matter, for they had much to look forward to.

Their family begun, time passed and soon the first anniversary arrived, bringing along what they’d made of their lives. A new home, love shared and grown, the first inklings of plans. There was no way to know what would be, but it still didn’t matter. They looked forward to the future.

New calendars replaced the old which held notes each Eternal had made about the time passed. Dates circled to mark this birthday or that occasion. The date in March always marked with a red border. It didn’t need to be, of course; they both knew the date, the time and place. In the marking of the new, they looked forward to the future.

The date would arrive with one or the other, occasionally both, having plotted some sort of special celebration of the instant when their love combined and the future began. The simple beginning being transformed as such things were through their passions. They did not have need of anything more than what they had. They’d found love in being together, sharing their love with family as they looked forward to what the future would be.

Still, her Eternal continued to mull over that first day, the first of the rest of their lives. He still wished that they’d done something grander, something befitting his Queen. She knew her Eternal’s thoughts, how there should have been more. Not a recrimination, a simple wish from the future to the past as it looked forward to what would be.

Over time there came a simple expression of that dream made real. A Realm where two Eternals gave of themselves in the expression of their love. A reality created from looking beyond themselves and towards what could be when they believed in each other and expressed their belief in the souls they touched and encouraged to look forward to the future they made for themselves.

It is in that belief, that promise of the future, that anything was possible. An ebon-maned woman with so-green eyes found her brown-haired love with so-blue eyes. A life together celebrated every day of the year, not just on the one that the calendar marked with a red circle. A Realm of love and passion with horns and tails reflecting their love with each day, month, year, and more. For there is nothing that matters more than to look forward and see what the past has given to the present, to knew the present, and to be certain the future is being looked forward to.

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