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A Review of Death and the Succubus by Jason Venter

Death and the Succubus by Jason Venter

Reading a story that comes in the middle of a larger series brings with it the understanding you might not be able to know everything that’s going on or follow the plots that have come before. Still, good storytelling gets past that issue and should draw the reader into the tale being spun and the …

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Focus Again by TeraS

Things really haven’t changed that much over the past week … Those who know … well … know. Still, I really need to get somehow past what’s been bothering me of late and find … Focus Again By TeraS Winter, especially the depths of February in the Realm, tended to be a bothersome time for …

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A Review of Drained by the Futa Succubus by Scarlet Virino

Drained by the Futa Succubus by Scarlet Virino

Works told in a historical context do need to have the right tone, the right setting and dialogue to work well. It’s vital that the story remains in the past and not allow present themes and words to appear. What also matters is the atmosphere created for the characters to exist within and where the …

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A YouTube of the Night Warriors DarkStalkers’ Revenge Arcade Game

Night Warriors DarkStalkers’ Revenge

While I haven’t actually played a lot of video games, it’s more the storytelling aspects around the edges that interest me more. In more modern games there’s a lot of effort put into them. But there are some games from a long time ago that might not be as modern, but have just as interesting …

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A Review of The Possession Of Melissa St. Claire by Anne Lee Rogers

The Possession Of Melissa St. Claire by Anne Lee Rogers

There are aspects of Succubi that really don’t get as much storytelling as others. Possibly the largest of these might be what happens when they possess someone. That’s an interesting thing to tell a story about, more so when the story could offer more than just the sex alone. Given that the sexual tension might …

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Succubi Image of the Week 785

Succubus Wallpaper by AxyaChan

There are certain looks, colours and styles that mesh well in art of Succubi. For this week’s Image on the Tale, a lovely work that has an amazing amount of personality mixed in with the art and the Succubi herself… This work is by the artist AxyaChan on DeviantArt and you can find the original …

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Tacky doesn’t say enough about this costume

Occult Devil Costume

Sometimes the level of tacky in a costume is defined by the horns that come with a costume. Sometimes, it’s the costume that manages things all on its own. Then there are the costumes where everything that possibly go wrong just does. This is the Occult Devil Costume and it comes with the psychedelic red …

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