Oversized horns really don’t work well

Devilish Delight Costume
There is a point where the horns included with some costumes are a bit too large. I don’t quite understand what the point is, nor do I think they really work well. Still, at least for this particular costume, they do match the costume to a point. But that doesn’t make this better for what one has to pay for it.

This is the Devilish Delight Costume and it comes with the corset top, booty shorts with the attached skirt and the far too large horns. It sells for $140 US without the shoes, they aren’t included.

Honestly I like the costume itself. The corset is nice, the skirt works well and the overall look has a certain flare that I think is appealing. The problem however, are the horns.

While I appreciate the matching pattern on the horns and corset, they are just far too large and clumsy. I can’t see them being worn for an entire evening and that means at some point they get tossed aside. So then you are left with a really nice look but no one will figure out you are dressing up as one of the Succubi.

There really needs to be a smaller set of horns. That’s the only thing I’d like to change in this overall. It’s really a minor thing, to keep the look, not to mention make it a bit cuter than these massive horns are.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s a shame that a lousy set of horns ruin what otherwise is something really well done as a costume…


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