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A Review of Beloved Demon by Luke Thunder

Beloved Demon by Luke Thunder

The construction of a story’s plot sometimes holds a seed of an idea that, for me, is something to ponder and wonder about. If the myths taken and changed for the sake of storytelling is done well, that can be quite an engrossing read. Expected and stereotypical aspects of a character’s being tend to make …

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Three by TeraS

A short poem today, mainly because I haven’t been well. Still, there’s a point to things in the Realm and it revolves around… Three By TeraS Red, Silver and Red Colours of eternal love Passions forever entwined Desire in boundless wonder Ecstasy afire in delight Three souls being as one

A Review of Becoming Her Royal Demoness by Anne Riland

Becoming Her Royal Demoness by Anne Riland

There are, always, misunderstandings in the telling of a story. Perhaps it’s the truth being hidden away, emotions cloaked for what are assumed to be good reasons. What one is told in the past to be true is found to need to be taken with more than a grain of salt. Through sheer force of …

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A lovely Warcraft Succubus Fanart YouTube

Succubus World Of Warcraft Fanart by TobyDraws

The thing that bothers me about Warcraft Succubi are the hooves. I just don’t particularly care for them very much. That said however, there are some works of art, and character fusions, or alterations that work so much better and are lovely to find. A YouTube then this week in which that’s very true. If …

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Love Smacks By Justin Bedard

Love Smacks By Justin Bedard @JayDanielBurn For @BridgeportChro1 “Tera wants me to what?” Yeah, about what I expected when I finally got around to telling him. “I know, I know,” I said. “But look! She’s got blueprints for it and everything!” “Tina, that’s not the point…” “What, you can’t do it?” Just calling his bluff. …

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Such A Smack by TeraS

There is a saying that the definition of insanity is one doing the same thing over and over again. Perhaps that’s why a certain Dearest Brother of mine, @BridgeportChro1 especially on his birthday, gets… Such A Smack By TeraS For my Dearest Brother There is something to be said about tradition. Perhaps not so much …

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Succubi Image of the Week 781

Unholy by Soft-Dystopia

Succubi tails are, of course, very important things. But it’s not often that a tail becomes part of the outfit any particular Succubi might be adorned with. A work of art this time for the Succubi of the Week in which I think the overall concept works amazingly well… This work is by the artist …

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