Plotting By TeraS

Another week’s delay in Tina’s story … Sometimes reality replaces all of the things we want to do with the things we have to do. Still, it is Monday, and so there should be something of a story told. Perhaps within that story will be a bit of …

by TeraS

One should be concerned when there is talk of a certain ebon-maned, red-tailed, green-eyed Queen of the Realm plotting. Of course, that discussion seems very vague and indistinct for the most part, mainly in that there’s really nothing firm that one can place a finger on exactly. There are certain signs which appear, however, and to those who are very well versed in her plotting, it’s as clear as day when such plotting begins.

Generally, the first inkling of the plan being constructed appears when she is mulling over something completely unrelated to the plot-to-be. It can be a piece of minutia being sorted or a larger concern being attended to. Whichever and whatever that moment is, there is the slightest appearance of a bemused smile upon her lovely red lips. Not a word is spoken, but it’s very clear that some concept has lodged itself within her thoughts to be considered.

Generally it is Simone who first sees her niece turn her thoughts to whatever idea has intrigued her. She is, after all, Tera’s aunt, and knows her moods quite well: “You’re plotting something.”

Inevitably, the one who is forming the plot will look towards her Auntie with wide eyes and a gasp of surprise: “Whatever gives you that idea?”

Now that isn’t quite a lie, for Tera would never do that, of course. It’s more that the complete thought hasn’t quite formed to the point where the Queen would agree that the concept was, if fact, a plot. Therefore it isn’t one, at least not yet. Simone, of course, knows better: “I know that odd little smile of yours very well, young lady.”

Naturally Tera uses a dismissive wave of her hand to brush the question aside: “You must be mistaken, Auntie.” What she fails to realize is that Simone has seen this first sign which would bemuse her niece so often that she can mark out on a calendar the points in time where the plot would thicken.

The mug of hot chocolate which her red-tailed niece brings to her lips cannot hide the twinkle that appears in her so-green eyes as another piece of the puzzle falls into place. While there is a certain silver-tailed member of the Realm who is well known for her plots and plans, the Queen isn’t an amateur at this sort of thing. Her plots are meant to amuse and delight her, and with each passing moment that scheming begins putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The Receptionist considers her Queen in the midst of her enjoyment, whether that is the beverage or the thought percolating, and offers her own bemused smile: “You will, of course, keep me informed of your plans.”

The thoughts continue to swirl around the mind of the ebon-maned seductress as her day unfolds. They nip at her heels at the most inopportune moments. The thoughts begin to congeal into a grand plan to be plotted about the time she arrives home and entwines herself with her Eternal. He also knows that smile, now that much more bemused, the delight in her lovely green eyes, and especially that little curl in her long red tail that cannot hide the musings in her thoughts: “You’re plotting something.”

The gasp of his Eternal is but an act, he knows. A clutching of her hand over her chest comes with an almost believable questioning reply in an attempt to shade her plotting, even if barely so: “Moi?” Keith, of course, knows her better than that, but the game is afoot and it is far more a delight to tease the truth out of her than it would otherwise be to simply confront the not-quite-truth spoken: “Oui, toi.”

Still, in Tera’s mind, it still isn’t a plot. Not all of the permutations have been considered and dealt with. There are still things to be done to be sure that the plotting can come to fruition. Therefore, she could reasonably still not quite be fully plotted; she may simply be pre-plotting. But she knows that look from her Eternal and, naturally, would have to divert his attention. She is, of course, very good at doing so–almost as good as her red-tailed King is at eking out her plotting and, of course, helping her to settle the plotting. The rewards for his assistance are, of course. simply a bonus to the fully formed bemused smile that comes to be upon her.

Soon enough, the red-tail’s plotting comes fully into form, the concept is settled and the trademark bemused smile is the first thing Simone sees when Tera appears the next day. There’s a certain spring in her niece’s step, her hair is that much more wild, her tail has a swisch to it that only comes when a plot that delights has fully formed. So-green eyes are slightly deeper and more mysterious, the plans hidden within the Monarch’s thoughts aren’t revealed yet, but they are clearly there.

It is a family trait to tease, and, of course, Simone does: “I knew you were plotting.”

The younger red-tail’s reply is delightful, of course, as she hugs her Auntie excitedly: “I learned from the best.”

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