December 2022 archive

A Delightful Morrigan Aensland Speedpaint YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by AzraBerryBat

The last post on the Tale for 2022 brings another Morrigan Aensland speedpainting YouTube that I found. It’s so dearly cute, Morrigan is just adorable and this art just makes me smile… If you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As is tradition, here’s a screenshot in case the …

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A Review of A Succubus and a Priest by Roy Revell

A Succubus and a Priest by Roy Revell

The needs of Succubi can lead stories towards some quite unique ideas to explore. The themes of female domination, sexual desires, temptation and need all can drive the storytelling towards what can be a wonderfully hot story but still hold something more. It’s that undercurrent, the surprise within the story that I think makes for …

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Succubi Image of the Week 777

Succubus by Daisy-Flauriossa

The final Succubi Image of the Week for 2022 brings with it a smile, a bit of temptation and a certain mood that I think reflects well on this time of year… This lovely work is by the artist Daisy-Flauriossa on DeviantArt an you can find the original work here. I rather enjoy the overall …

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The name is as imaginative as the costume

Sexy Devil Costume

For the last costume of 2022, something which isn’t that imaginative, interesting or desired. But it amuses me in one way, but I’ll get back to that later. This is the perfectly named, make of that what you will, Sexy Devil Costume. It comes with the red and black dress, red overcoat. and the horns …

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A Review of Becoming: A Succubus Transformation by Raven Renguard

Becoming: A Succubus Transformation by Raven Renguard

A succubus transformation story, be a gender transformation mixed in or not, should be more than just the character in question becoming focused on sex alone. That’s never particularly interesting as a whole. It’s when the story delights in the mental shifts, the corruption, or at least the evilness, coming to the fore, that the …

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A Christmas Wish – Part II by TeraS

It is the second day of Christmas, also known as Boxing Day, today. Today the second part of this holiday story which offers a hope that some can have … A Christmas Wish Part II By TeraS The weather was, he had to admit, damnably frightful. Still, there were miles to go and promises to …

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A Christmas Wish – Part I by TeraS

Today is Christmas, of course. Unexpectedly, I have something of a two-part story this year, being that tomorrow is normally the day a story appears on the Tale. There have been a few events over the past week which have placed this idea into my thoughts, and so a story to tell. Christmas is a …

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