Succubi Image of the Week 772

If there is one colour that most associated with Succubi, it would of course be red. However a very close second is green and especially with so-green eyes. A work of art this week which leaves red aside for some wonderfully seductive green.

Succuba by Podarok

Succuba by Podarok

This lovely work is by the artist Podarok on Pixiv and you can find the original page here.

A very striking pose, an expression of temptation, and her form draws souls to her delightfully. The wisp of clothing hides and tempts. Her smile is so very much a come-hither look. But that’s all secondary to the green of her eyes, horns, tail and wings. It’s a striking contrast to the rest of her, but it’s also such a wonderful flourish as well. She’s very much a temptress which I find perfectly right.


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