Thin Ice by TeraS

The pause in Tina’s story continues, mainly due to my not having the best of weeks health-wise and still not doing all that well at the moment. I hope the story will continue next week, but, for this week, things are going to be on …

Thin Ice
By TeraS

Winter arrived in the Realm in a familiar way: the nights grew longer, as they were wont to do; the cold rolled in across the mountains and spilled onto the domiciles scattered over hill and yonder. Most notably, the rivers began to glaze over as the temperature dropped, becoming glistening paths through the Realm for those inclined to be lacing up skates to travel here and there in a way that could only be done in the winter months.

But not all were exactly thrilled by the change in weather outside. Some preferred things to be warm, if not close to blazingly hot, and if that wasn’t possible in the great outdoors, well, they’d then find warmth in more cozy spaces.

For one particular silver-tailed succubi, that should have involved being entwined with a certain red-tailed love, buried in blankets, cuddled in bed, and delighting in the heat produced when two bodies … rub … against each other. At the moment, however, the Temptress was not exactly pleased: “I … am … absolutely … freezing.”

Unfortunately Cassie forgot that the focus of her adoration came from a place in the human realm where snow, cold, and the like were part of the natural order. For some reason which the Temptress hadn’t quite wrapped her tail around–though she’d wrapped it around him regularly when her schemes succeeded, and otherwise–he enjoyed being out in the cold, being active doing things that held really very little interest for her, and, of course, he would … imply … that she really should try such things–with him. This, of course, whittled away at her resistance until she would agree–with a huff, mind you–to try because he asked.

Keith smiled at Cassie’s protests: “I did say a tail cozy was a good idea.” Cassie’s smile was wicked in return: “Every one that I have was made by Lil.” Keith shook his head: “Horny thing, aren’t you?” Pulling her silver, of course, touque down to cover her ears and horns better, the Temptress purred: “You could take me home and warm me up!”

The suggestion was so very direct and to the point, unlike many of Cassie’s plots, mainly because she was freezing and the sooner this was over, the better. Still, she still had no idea what he was planning, exactly. Her Adored One was plotting and she had to admit not all of her shivers were from the cold.

She shouldn’t have been surprised when he produced a tail cozy, in red, and twirled a finger in the crisp cold air for Cassie to turn about. She pouted as she did so, mainly because the colour wasn’t silver, but she’d never turn away a gift from him. As he rolled the woollen accessory down the length of her tail, and caressed that one spot on her tail that made her mewl in delight, the Temptress decided that her Adored One was being naughty. Not that she minded in the slightest, of course.

His question was less than innocent: “Better?”

Her answer was even less so: “Mmmm … Just you wait.”

Cassie was content as her red-tailed love took her by the hand and led the way down a set of wooden stairs towards the frozen river below. She recognized the place. In summer, the beach would be covered by many a tail warming themselves, playing in the cool waters, or otherwise finding various means to enjoy themselves and others. But, in the here and now, the snow had covered it all in a blanket of white. The only path left lay beneath their boots, the snow crunching as the river came into view.

She’d expected the frozen river, the snow, perhaps dotted by some ice skaters here and there. What she didn’t expect but saw as they turned the last corner of the meandering path reminded her once more why he was her Adored One. A sleigh of silver with a silver-maned pegasus waited for them, with blankets of red piled on the seats waiting for them to alight and be on their way.

Her quizzical look brought him to explain: “I want to show you something and this is the best way to get there.” Together they approached the Pegasus, his breath white clouds in the crisp air. Cassie was transfixed by him. A snort as they approached was followed by an intense look as Keith explained: “This is Cloud. He’s the first born of Hypatia.” Cassie knew of the pegasus he mentioned, which belonged to the angel Alei. Keith offered Cloud a bright red, of course, apple, which seemed to delight the steed. Then Keith gave another apple to Cassie to offer. It too disappeared, being enjoyed as Cassie patted Cloud’s flank: “He’s beautiful.”

Her Adored One chuckled: “I thought you’d like him. He seems to like you.”

Cassie winked: “He is silver, after all.”

I took very little time for Keith to encourage Cassie to climb into the sleigh, where they bundled themselves up in the red blankets and became settled together. Once they were confortable, her Adored One explained: “He knows the way.” and they were off, the sounds of the runners accompanying the crunching of hooves in the dusting of snow upon the frozen river beneath.

The Realm sailed by as they travelled the length of the river, processing further up towards the headlands before turning off the ice to the land, up a rise where their travel came to a pause.

Cassie had been content to see where this adventure would take them and was not disappointed. The view was breathtaking. The Realm far below, glistening with hints of silver and white coating the lands. She’d never imagined that the winter would bring the beauty she witnessed and the Temptress delighted in the moment: being with her Adored One, sharing in what he desired to give.

He pointed out the world beneath them, the places she knew intimately which were transformed by the winter into a new aspect she hadn’t seen before. Cassie wasn’t freezing anymore, far from it. Nestled together, this wasn’t about temptations or desires. This was a moment given from the love he’d brought, which she’d been part of and would be eternally.

Perhaps Cassie would come to love the cold and snow … it might take a few more adventures, but she might … eventually.

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