Succubi Image of the Week 771

It’s been some time since a Morrigan Aensland piece of Chibi art appeared as an Image of the Week. A very cute work this time that I think shows a lot of Morrigan’s personality and naughty nature…

::Darkstalkers:: Morrigan Aensland by ChobiLuck

::Darkstalkers:: Morrigan Aensland by ChobiLuck

This work is by the artist ChobiLuck on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here.

This is just a lot of fun. Morrigan licking her lips is really fun, I like the stylized look of her as well. The background is perfect and gives a feel to the art that’s so very accurate to Morrigan’s personality. It’s such a wonderful creation that brings me a smile in how mischievous Morrigan is.


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