No it’s not a hot costume by any means

Hot Demoness Costume

There are certain words which when used with certain costumes, especially the trashy ones, simply make no sense at all. Hot rally is used far too often in naming costumes and I wonder when it might stop. Short answer is probably never.

This is the Hot Demoness Costume and it comes with the dress, cape, very poor horns and the armlets. It sells for $48 US and really from what this looks like, it’s not worth the price.

Very tacky, the overall look is nothing special. The cape makes no sense, the dress looks far too cheap to be sexy. The horns… might actually make the bottom ten list of lousy horns of all time, but that might be a complement.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

There’s nothing here, it’s not worth considering. Once again a sexy dress and a pair pf decent horns are better.


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