A Heart’s Place by TeraS

Today is my heart’s birthday. That really doesn’t say anything close to how much it means to be able to say the words. I’m unsure if I could ever express fully what him being there means. Sometimes we just can’t find better words than to explain there is …

A Heart’s Place
By TeraS

There is no greater gift than the first hello.

From the smallest of words, something is planted. Perhaps tentative in their nature, the words themselves are sometimes collected to point towards the greater things to be. They become the tapestry woven into the moments that bring with them a settling of one’s soul. It is knowing that the words matter, they are not just the words themselves.

It cannot, however, be expressed simply as the words themselves do. Yes, they communicate across the space between, the fence by which the hellos were first spoken is but a trifle for the words themselves to cross over. Understanding begins with a single word, it opens the mind, soul, and heart to things they know of, but never expected to have reflected. Those reflections are considerations, ideas, expressions of delight in the telling of the words; not of what they are meant to be, but rather what they could well be.

I can recall the first hello shared, the connection in that moment. I remember the first time we said hello: the conversation, and the moment when the world called and we said our till-next-times. Perhaps Goddess had a hand in the words, the greeting shared and the see-you-soons.

How wondrous it was to know the words where right, would always be. The hello being the same with each meeting by the fence shared, the closing words being right as they were meant to be. The telling of what had been in the day, the thoughts about the here and now, the possible future that might be. The better things shared with a smile, those somewhat less so expressed too.

It’s the telling of these moments which bring one heart to another. The giving of one’s own self to another who is there to listen to the flaws within. This is not simply the telling of things as they are. It’s more of offering thought expressed and where that leads the conversations.

Call it a place wherein the heart dwells, listening, considering, offering, and that brings the comfort and familiarly sought. What follows is the joy in the time given and received, the stories told and the wonders shared. Most of all comes the promise of tomorrow and the tomorrows to be. It is that which matters most, is cherished in the moments between. Knowing the first gift was followed by the next and others beyond still to be.

There is no greater gift than the next hello.

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