Gongshow – Part V by TeraS

Sometimes you are not quite fully aware of yourself. That is to say, others see you a little differently, but so far as you are concerned, you are being yourself. One should always remember that can lead into a …

Gongshow – Part V
By TeraS

For Justin, for always…

Tina realized two things as she ran after Miriam. The first was just how much she didn’t like heels, which was followed by the second: that running in them was a huge mistake. Hopefully her cousin wouldn’t be miffed by all of the bookcases she’d careened into, tossing books into the aisles behind them. Librarians were very protective of their books, after all.

Miriam, on the other hand, was racking her bright yellow horns trying to remember the story that Tina had found. More specifically just where in the pages a small hockey puck shaped character came into play. That particular focus of their attention skating away from them inch by inch as the two yellow-tails charged after him. As they did, it didn’t register at first that the bookcases were slowly fading away around them and the ceilings and skylights of the library were being replaced by a yellow sky mottled by silver clouds. However, when the carpet below was replaced by silver interlocking bricks, and the trio stumbled over them, it became very apparent that there was a problem.

Fortunately, the target of the pair’s chase was having more issues than they, bouncing into the air and ricocheting off one brick to the next before finally making a popping sound and turning into what appeared to be a normal looking hockey puck that Tina corralled in her hands before stumbling herself to the brick path below, Miriam rushing up shortly after: “You okay?”

Tina waved the puck in triumph: “Got ‘em!”

Then Tina looked at the scene around her in confusion. Miriam, however, looked behind them to where they came from, commenting as she did: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Tina hadn’t noticed that they weren’t in the library, but, as her attention shifted, she asked in a worried tone: “So where are we?”

Miriam pushed her glasses into place: “I think we’re in that book you found.”

Rather than asking the obvious question, Tina wondered: “Oh. Not good?”

The librarian of the pair sighed: “We’ll find out soon enough.”

Tina came to the point: “Just what is the story about, anyway?”

Sin Bin’s a story that’s told to little tails when they aren’t quite so little. It takes some literary license with the Realm to tell that story.”

Tina’s confusion was evident in the question mark her tail had twisted into: “Whatcha mean by that?”

Miriam shrugged slightly: “Depends.”

Tina got straight to the point: “You’re kinda beating around the bush, cousin.”

The more knowledgable of the two yellow-tails–at least Tina hopedshe was–pressed on: “Nothing here will be like we know it, exactly. Those we see won’t be those we know. They’ll be … call them reflections of who they really are, and sometimes that’s more a stereotype than anything else.”

Tina minced no words: “Smaller words, please?”

Miriam waved a hand at the castle in the distance as she explained: “That’s supposed to be the Palace.”

Tina had a frown as she considered the view. The Palace she’d seen didn’t have silver all over it. Or ice sculptures, for that matter. Or have what seemed to be the sound of someone having fun. Though what kind of fun would have them making the laughter Tina could hear was concerning. But Tina wasn’t clueless: “I’m a young tail, but I have an idea about what kinda’ fun our kind gets up to.”

Miriam nodded: “Sure, but we’re more than that. You love hockey, right?” Tina nodded enthusiastically in agreement as the somewhat more worldly yellow-tail continued: “Keep that in mind and remember that this isn’t the Realm, it’s twisted and seen through a looking-glass.”

Tina managed to not show the fear she felt: “Okay.”

Miriam looked behind them with a frown as she realized the library wasn’t behind them. just a very high wall made of the same silver bricks they stood on. She considered the hockey puck in Tina’s hands: “We can’t go back. Follow the path to the palace?”

Tina nodded: “Sounds like a plan. Maybe we’ll find Auntie there waiting for us.”

Miriam didn’t tell the younger tail that the sounds from the castle before them were definitely not Tera-like at all.

It took a lot less time to get to their destination than it looked, seeming as if the castle moved closer to them as they walked or the silver brick path was speeding them to their destination. Either way, as they passed through the hedges and onto the castle grounds proper, the reality they found made their tails stand straight up.

There were silver mirrors all over the open space before the castle, reflecting their images as they moved onwards. Miriam mused that, whoever this was, it wasn’t Tera. It just wasn’t her style. More so, the topiary–which was shaped into various elaborate scenes of sexual encounters, some of which Miriam made sure to divert Tina’s attention away from–were troublesome by themselves.

As for Tina, she missed the obvious things around her and kept looking at the source of their predicament in her hands. He hadn’t said a thing since she’d caught him, and just looked like an ordinary rubber puck. She still couldn’t remember his name for that matter, either, and the sugar buzz from the morning was starting to wear off.

They entered the faux-palace and found it was smaller on the inside than it was on the outside. A single hallway before them led to a far-larger-than-it-should-have-been throne room. Tina peeked inside: “No one in there. We go in?” Miriam nodded as she looked around warily. Crossing the threshold, a rumbling sound indicated that something was happening.

Tina had the presence of mind to yank Miriam forwards as a silver–of course it was–wrought-iron grate descended from the ceiling, blocking off their way, a clear sign that they were in trouble. A somewhat clearer piece of evidence was their quarry blowing his whistle, jumping out of Tina’s hands and skating towards the throne at the far side of the room: “In the Sin Bin you go!”

Miriam knew how the throne room should look. Tera might not like it in the least, but it was very familiar to her. What they found was a polished silver floor, darker silver walls inscribed with still more scenes of sexual delight. At the centre of it all was a tall, ornate, silver throne upon a silver dais.

Tina’s voice echoed as she frowned: “Kinda’ gaudy, ya think?”

Miriam nodded: “Too much glam … but you know …”

The two were interrupted by a low female purr that set both of their tails on edge as a silver cloud of smoke covered the throne: “Who dares to appear before me!”

As a figure appeared from the clearing smoke, perched on the throne, Tina winced: “That isn’t Auntie Tera!”

There wasn’t a lick of red to be seen anywhere on the figure that lounged upon her throne. A long, sinuous, silver tail put paid to the idea that this was Tera. Blonde hair and silver horns made it even more obvious. Mix into that an ornate silver mask and a silver dress that flowed over her curves and left no question as to what her intent was. This was a creature of lust and desire. Her sliver gown trailing across the silvered floor, the silver-tailed member of the succubi flowed from the throne she had appeared in and glided across the room. Stopping a tail’s length from the two yellow-tails, she mused: “What an innocent pair of tails! Oh, what fun this will be.” A silver-tipped finger was pointed at the pair: “You’ll learn your lesson, my pretty ones!”

Tina had no reason to disbelieve her words and just clung onto Miriam as their captor came closer. Miriam stage whispered to her young cousin: “Be careful. She’s wicked.”

The question had to be asked, so of course Tina asked it: “Like wicked witch wicked?”

Miriam’s reply was interrupted by the silver tailed temptress crossing her arms over her cleavage, huffing in indignation, and stomping a silver heel in protest: “I’m not wicked.” Tina wondered how much trouble they were in as the statuesque blonde added, with a naughty smile and purr of delight: “I’m wicked.”

The blue-haired yellow-tail sighed to herself: “Yup. We’re in lotsa’ trouble.

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