An amazing 3D Succubus Character Design

This time on the Take, I stumbled across a YouTube of what appears to be a succubus character design for a video game and I think it’s just really amazingly well done.

In the event you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, a screenshot from the video in case it disappears.

3D Succubus by Sook Youn Lee

3D Succubus by Sook Youn Lee

I really like the overall look, her form is very much that of a succubus but there’s a very strong aspect as well that I think really works well. The video is short, only a turntable of the character, but nonetheless I’m really captivated by just how strong and seductive she looks.

Of course I would have loved her to have horns and a tail, but she’s still just wonderful…


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