Succubi Image of the Week 766

The style of Succubi matters quite a lot obviously. In their look something of their personality as a whole comes through, even if it doesn’t tell the entire story. This week’s image I think is a good reflection of that idea…

Succubus by arm96

Succubus by arm96

This work is by the artist arm96 on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here.

I really like her overall look, both in the sexuality and in the strength of her character. The outfit works well with her body shape, her expression is interesting as well. Having one wing poses the question as to why that might be and what that story is.

Her horns fit well, but she’s missing a tail which is a little disappointing as I think that might be something to play into her character. A unique succubus character in many ways, especially that tattoo which brings stories of its own…


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