At least some effort went into this Tail

Deluxe Devil Tail Halloween Costume Accessory

I haven’t really found a costume tail that I think really looks right for a long time. Save of course for the very special ones that I have had made for myself… and we shan’t speak of what those cost. Still, once in a while there’s a mass produced tail that appears which actually shows effort was made.

This is the Deluxe Devil Tail Halloween Costume Accessory, there has to be a better name for it somehow, and it sells for $11 US. What you see is what you get and honestly i’s better than most tails I have found of late.

The texture is interesting, it doesn’t have a cheap cloth look to it, though I will admit the spade might be better than it is. The one serious problem is that it’s rather fragile and it’s very easy to poke a hole in it if you aren’t careful.

But otherwise there’s not a lot of tacky to be found and it has a really unique look that I think works well.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A very rare, for a tail, rating…


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