October 2022 archive

Gongshow – Part VI by TeraS

It is Halloween today, and so Tina’s story takes a bit of a turn in the direction of tricks rather than treats. After all, when yellow-tails are involved, things can become a little bit twisted. They can lead to moments when you really aren’t sure about what’s coming around the corner. It might, after all, …

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A Review of The Unwanted Demon by Stanley Sharpe

The Unwanted Demon by Stanley Sharpe

A review of the first work in a new series that I think is really interesting in the characters and the succubus mythos that is being created. There’s a lot of promise but the question is if the story can overcome the erotica to tell that story well. Sometimes the hardest thing for a character …

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A Halloweenish Succubus Artwork Speedpainting YouTube

Succubus by Hibren Art

Something of a the time of Halloween moody piece of Succubi art this time on the Tale. There are, of course, those succubi that are evilly seductive and this particular work of art is all that and more. In case you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, …

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A Review of Saving Supervillains 2 by Bruce Sentar

Saving Supervillains 2 by Bruce Sentar

A review of the second book in the Saving Supervillains series by Bruce Sentar today on the Tale. The first work, reviewed here, I rather enjoyed, particularly one character that thinks of herself as a succubus, though it’s hard to really see her as one. While the opening book had its moments, there felt like …

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Succubi Image of the Week 768

Succubus by Qcmai

Halloween is a short few days away. The time of certain succubi to be somewhat more mischievous than usual, among other things. A lovely fun work of art this week on the Tale that’s simply delightfully naughty… This work is by the artist Qcmai on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here. She’s …

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Maybe a little too horny a costume

Flaming Diva Sexy Devil Costume

It’s almost, but not quite Halloween and for the last costume mull before it arrives a bit of a surprise. Two weeks in a row that I actually like a costume… to a point. This will never happen again. This is the Flaming Diva Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the sequin minidress, horns …

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A Review of Sharing Succubus by K.T. Daring

Sharing Succubus by K.T. Daring

I’ve reviewed two prior works by K. T. Daring on the Tale in which they’ve been building a set of stories about Succubi and Incubi. This time, the third work in the series that I think overall is the best of the three for one simple reason. It’s really not enough to tell a story …

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