Succubi Image of the Week 763

Something of a rare thing this week on the Tale. It’s not often that I share Succubi art from the same artist two weeks in a row. But this week’s art by HippoNova is just lovely and something so very special…

Succubus - J(2) by HippoNova

Succubus – J(2) by HippoNova

You can find the original page with this work on DeviantArt here.

this is just an amazing work and I love how everything comes together so well. Perfect hair with just the right messy look to go with the colour. The runes fit wonderfully on her form, her pose shows off her form and allows for her naughtiness to really come through. What’s really interesting is the outfit she’s wearing and how it covers the base of her tail. It’s something of a unique touch as it doesn’t happen often in Succubi art. Her expression being something between amusement and aloofness gives her a lot of character and it’s interesting to wonder what her story could be…


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