Really not sure if this is more silly than trashy

LED Devil Horns
There are some examples of devil horn headbands that have given me pause. To consider how bad they really are.

To try to come to terms with the tacky they are and then there’s this.. wonder… in which I can’t decide if tacky or silly wins.

These are the LED Devil Horns and they sell for about $7 US. They come in four different colours, which really help much.

They are silly, from the look to the LEDs through what they had to do in order to hide the batteries, which, as a positive, come with the horns so you wouldn’t have to spend more at least. Turned on, and I’m not by any means, the horn’s shape and colour become washed out by the light.

Overall they’re slightly better leaving the light off, removing the heart where the battery hides, and trying to accept that these just don’t look all that nice.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

There are other hard plastic horns that are better than this, so really you can do better for about the same money.


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