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A Review of Alone in the Dark by Adrienne Kingsley

Alone in the Dark by Adrienne Kingsley

When stores about Succubi and Incubi are told, it’s the ones where they are not stereotypical that can bring a depth to the tale. Their forms might be different, their desires can be vast or focused to an extreme. Still, it’s the connection between the main characters which offer the possibility of revealing a larger …

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Succubi Image of the Week 764

Succubus-chan by アサリカレー

The theme of anime Succubi Images of the Week continues this time on the Tale. Sometimes one of the Succubi need not display everything about them to be a temptation. This week’s image is a very good example by far… You can find the original page on Ixiv where I found this lovely work here. …

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I’d rather have the toque overall

Devil Hat with Hair

The cold weather will be returning soon to this part of the universe and one must at some point consider items like the one I am mulling today. This is the Devil Hat with Hair and it sells for $20 US. The one thing that bothers me the most is the lifelessness of the wig. …

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A Review of Midnight Visitor by Bonnie Atwell

Midnight Visitor by Bonnie Atwell

Succubi are, of course, the embodiment of the desires of the ones they come into contact with. That can be in many forms and wishes, from simple sex to complex needs for domination or submission. But in the same way, a succubus can be held, or trapped, in her own desires unspoken. It’s in that …

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Gongshow – Part I by TeraS

About two weeks ago, more or less, a certain author’s birthday arrived. Now, I am very sure they didn’t expect something to appear from me, but there’s a certain yellow-tail in his story universe who really should have an adventure in the Realm. Further to that, with Halloween right around the corner, more or less, …

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A Review of The Succubus: Fantasy Fairy Tales for Adults by Signy Sigurdson

The Succubus: Fantasy Fairy Tales for Adults by Signy Sigurdson

The transformation of characters in a story through their relationship, understanding and discovery can be both telling and captivating. It’s not simply the shifting connections between them alone, for the emotions shared give more than desire, they bring unexpected revelations. The path is never simple, the story isn’t clearcut by any means. Perhaps the single …

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A Lovely Vimeo 3D Sculpture

The Succubus by IMaturana

It’s interesting to see the inspiration from which creations come from. This time on the Tale, a 3D rendering of a painting which I think is a wonderful reflection of the source material. If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link. As always, here is a screenshoot from the video, …

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