Eternal – Part V by TeraS

This past week held my Eternal’s birthday, which was the focus for this story series, of course. Gifts, presents, and all the trappings that come with the date in question are delightful, without question. They express the joy, the delights, and something more important. But then our love is …

Eternal – Part V
By TeraS

There are many delights that my Eternal creates that I adore. Some of my most wonderful memories are of him in the midst of bringing to reality the recipes from pages of books containing their secrets. Some others bring a naughty smile as I recall the diversions that drew him away from his task and into a different sort of delight shared.

I’ve learned many things from my Eternal’s talents in cooking and other more complex engagements. But with all he’s done, there is one recipe dear to me that was not of his making. That’s not to say that when he creates this particular delight himself that I’m not delighted, that a little nibble isn’t enough to bring me to purr from the pleasure I feel.

This particular wonder was something I hadn’t been fully aware of, at least not in a dessert means as a whole. It’s a word that brings with it a certain expectation in the Realm, an expected result, usually involving RediWhip or some other passion enhancing edible delight. The Realm can be rather singular in focus from time to time–not that’s a bad thing, of course.

I know that others in the Realm will be bringing their delights, inspired by his talents, to our gathering today. Auntie was especially focused on making things come to pass, to be sure that the lessons my Eternal has taught, the delights he has shared, are a part of the celebrations. I have no question that he will be delighted by the creations, more so that they are shared by all as such things are meant to be.

This really isn’t about him, or so he rationalizes. It’s about our family coming together, to share, to tell stories, to express this moment of being together so that being together is what matters. The memories that come will settle into our collective memories, to be recalled in the future, to bring a smile, laughter and more. The sharing is what matters, save for one specific treat that is meant for him and I alone.

The hardest thing about this particular creation is keeping him out of my hair, horns, and tail while bringing this delight to reality. He knows what’s going on, of course; he can smell the baking, hear the mixer, see the utensils in the dishwasher. It’s not a surprise when he comes into the kitchen and muses if I might need some assistance. That, of course, results in my being ‘distracted’ for quite some time, and those distractions are never a bother, only adding to the delight.

His birthday this year was everything we hoped for. Simone’s cupcakes were wonderful, the tails where especially well done. Cassie’s brownies were amazing, what few I could try–there were a lot of firefighters who kept returning to sample them, for some reason. The ice cream my dearest daughters brought was perfect; one taste and I remembered where that came from easily. There were so many that arrived with their own creations to share that we had to bring more tables out to hold them all.

Lil making an appearance was, I think, the real birthday surprise. She didn’t venture out of her cottage often, and to see her in the midst of our gathering meant so much to Keith, I could tell. She’d brought cookies with her to share with all and was the centre of attention, being adored by everyone, which was wonderful to see. The small metal tin, which I assumed held cookies, given to Keith as a present, seemingly meant something that I would ask him about later.

Simone had wanted a day we’d all remember. It was that and more. From morning to dusk we all celebrated with my Eternal. After all of the celebration, the love, the delight of family coming together, there’s still one final gift to be shared. One that’s meant for two Eternals to share. The gift that’s given from one Eternal to another for always.

This day means something more than a birthday, however. The love given to make all we have reality. The impossible made real, the odds beaten, what was expected to be proven wrong. We are reminded of a simple truth as we share the delight together. A mother’s love is eternal, our love is eternal, celebrated on this day and every day together.

The recipe shared by the one who made all of this possible so long ago is but a hint of it all. She loved baking. I knew that from the first moment we met: the time spent in her kitchen waiting for something to be ready, the stories she’d tell, how open she was with me. While she loved baking, it paled in comparison to her love of family, of her son, and of a daughter brought into her love. We speak of the passion red-tails put into everything they create, how it expresses their love. I know she wasn’t a red-tail, but she was. It was just her horns and tail were invisible to us all. Her soul wasn’t.

She loved one recipe above all others, one dessert that expressed her better than anything she’d create from that handwritten, red-cover notebook of hers. The name of this particular temptation always made me smile, and I think she knew full well why I’d be smiling throughout the mixing and baking and all of the moments along the way. It amused her when she’d talk about using various toppings like chocolate sauce or RediWhip, seeing my lips quirk in reply. She really would have been a wonderful red-tail. Her son proves that effortlessly with the love we have.

I’d thought that she’d not been really aware of my nature, the delights which my Eternal shares with me. I still remember her wink as she offered me the first slice we created together: “There’s more than one kind of cheesecake, you know.”

While the day was for all, this evening is for us alone. The dress he loves adorns me, my smile offering a hint of what delights I have planned. The cheesecake awaits on the table, the red cloth beneath framing it just so. He enters to find the Queen of the Realm awaiting her King. Words aren’t needed as he nestles with me, arms around my waist, hands lightly holding me. One of my own pulling him towards my cheek, his whispers of love sending goosebumps everywhere. I part my lips to tease that the cheesecake is waiting for us both.

The cheesecake was especially wonderful, in every way, this year …

KeithS and TeraS by Pitoxlon

KeithS and TeraS by Pitoxlon

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