Eternal – Part IV by TeraS

There are some truths that cannot be set aside. It’s not so much a question of what was, but rather what will, not might, come to pass. The Goddess doesn’t simply tell one what should be remembered. A soul should know what matters most is …

Eternal – Part IV
By TeraS

Simone is very much like her sister, though she’d never admit to that being true. When she visits, I can see so much of Tera’s mother there, the strength they both held in defending the Realm and putting the pieces into place which eventually brought about what we have now.

The Receptionist is a delight in many ways, passionate red-tails are, of course, as well I know. She’s also something of a bother when an idea settles into her thoughts; that’s another aspect of the family she shares with her sister and nieces. The bemused smile appears, an offhand question is asked, and before you know it she’s gotten her way. Come to think of it, that might be the fault of my own personality being passed down through the generations.

Still, this is a particularly good idea, I have to admit, and the red-tailed King of the Realm being the target brings my own bemused smile. He is an absolute pleasure, of course, but there are many pleasures beyond that which our kind are expected to enjoy. Goddess has mused that I’m happiest when the red-tailed Eternals visit, and she’s right in that. Every visit brings passion and love in all of their forms.

Sometimes I call them to me, whispering for them to return, sharing pleasures of the heart and soul. Leaving them entwined together, no memories of Lilith, for that would never do. Other times they come to visit on their own, to see Lil, knitter of the Realm, and have a pleasant afternoon and evening. At least that’s what they remember; my own memories are somewhat more encompassing.

They’d visited before Simone, just stopping by to drop off a gift, one that had been given with every visit from the first. Peeking inside the basket, I remember the first time I met him. The Realm knows him from the instant he appeared at Tera’s side, taking his place with her, his horns and tail matching her own. My first memories are different.

I felt him arrive with our red-tailed Queen-to-be. A mere human, I thought at first, watching from afar. I saw the beacon of light their souls cast over the Realm and didn’t quite believe. For a time, they remained together and then, to my surprise, I felt his first steps upon the path leading to my cottage.

He came alone, a frail human intruding upon my domain. A simple cast of my power and the storms rolled in, the winds and rain came to dissuade him. They didn’t. No matter the wind, the cold or rain, he pressed on. Curious about this human, it was nothing to stand within a tail’s length and watch him unseen. I expected to see determination, the typical male drive to overcome, and little else. Touching his soul, I had to pull away. He didn’t care about himself. His thoughts were of my safety and of his Eternal. I’ve rarely felt shame. Knowing his soul and the truth within brought me to tears covered by the rains.

He arrived as the storms howled, knocking at my door. I never asked what he expected. He found a somewhat older red-tailed member of the succubi with ebon-hair deeper than that of his Eternal’s, highlighted with silver here and there. She had blue eyes deeper than his own and was beautiful to behold, but I knew full well that his Eternal came first then and always would. The rains were pouring off him as he asked: “Hello Lil, are you alright?”

My answer was unsure as he expected it to be: “The roof isn’t leaking. And you are . . . ?”

His deference was very clear: “My name is Keith. I’m Tera’s beloved, my Lady.”

To my surprise, he offered a metal tin: “I was hoping to visit, if you’d allow? I brought cookies to share.”

How could I say no? Even without knowing his soul, I could see the earnest expression, the wish to speak with me. Inviting this young human into my home was only being polite. It turned out to be more than I expected.

I admit that I love the intimacy we have shared, but this first encounter, this first tentative talk between us, didn’t fully express everything. It opened the door to more than either of us expected. It was some time later, after he’d dried out by the fireplace and we’d been sharing my tea and his cookies, that he asked a question I wasn’t prepared for: “May I ask for your blessing Lilith?”

Catching me off guard I blurted: “How did you know?”

“Tera explained there is not one succubi named Lilith, save for the First, and yet here you are: Lil, the knitter; Lil, the wise teacher; Lilith, who watches her children from afar.”

He was surprisingly perceptive.

The question had to be asked: “What do you want from me?”

He surprised me, and still continues to do so: “Nothing. Through you, my first love and my Eternal love were born. My dreams came to be with their first hellos. I only wish to make Tera happy as the Queen she is. Whatever she wishes, I will provide. Her dreams I will help to make real. I owe you everything we have. I’ll be forever grateful to you. I want you to know that as long as I live.”

He kissed my hand and then started to leave, but my tail wrapped around his left wrist stopped him: “Please.”

Those blue eyes of his were curious as I explained: “You will not remember any of this.”

“But you will.”

I surprised myself with the love in my word: “Forever.” I remember cupping his cheek and breathing my blessing into his soul: a gift given eternally for their love and my eternal thankfulness. Two score passes of the silver moon in the sky later, I allow him to leave both my lessons and my delight, and he begins to return to the Realm below.

From the window, I regarded him picking his way along the path, stopping here and there to remove a broken tree branch or other bit of flotsam that the storms deposited along the way. I wondered what the Queen of the Realm would think when her Eternal returned with red tail and horns. Two dreams completed and soon to be revealed to the Realm at large. The thought amused me to no end. I expected it would become legendary: how the King-to-be disappeared and returned as the red-tailed King-he-was-meant-to-be.

The clouds had broken, the blue sky beginning to peek through when a sunbeam fell through the window beside me, her voice not at all a surprise: “What are you thinking?”

My sight did not waver from him–Goddess can be so irritating when she’s proud of herself, but the truth could not be ignored–“He looks… right.”

It was a thought I didn’t expect: A young human soul, eternally in love, but willing to share all he was to make anything possible for our kind, to make his eternal love’s dream complete, but more than that. My own dream came true because of him.

My thoughts come back to the here and now. The basket our Queen and King left as a gift on their last visit is waiting. I can tell Goddess’ hand has been in there: some of them are missing. She has such a sweet tooth.

The raisin-oatmeal cookies remain my favourite, there’s no missing the love that two red-tailed Eternals put into their gifts. Perhaps I’ll try making some. I might even allow Goddess to steal a few.

The thought feels right and makes me smile.

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