Succubi Image of the Week 758

A delightfully naughty Succubi for this week’s image in form of course, but especially the expression. There’s only one thing missing and that’s a tail…

Succubus by Sadakage

Succubus by Sadakage

This lovely work of Succubi art is by the artist Sadakage on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here.

It’s something of a rare thing to find art of blue-skinned Succubi. She’s so very interesting from the eye patch, to her rather unique horns. Lovely wings, love her shoes and the corset and gown combination suits her really well. The crop is a wonderful touch and I’m sure that it’s a very clear hint to her character.

I do wish there was a tail, but that aside, I think she has a very strong presence in her character and appearance. I do find myself wondering what she’d be like in an anime, what she would be like and what mischief she would create or be part of. It’s a delightful thought…


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