A Review of The Teacher’s Naughty Secret by Reed James

The Teacher's Naughty Secret by Reed James

The Teacher’s Naughty Secret by Reed James

A review of the sixth work in the Succubus’s Naughty Romp series by Reed James today. There’s a lot of questions around Jezebel, even if Trent seems too be getting a slight clue about what the answers are.

But sex tends to divert one’s attention, especially when a succubus is allowed to have her way. Then it becomes a question between the sex winning out or the story starting to get somewhere. Sex alone isn’t a good story without the plot to give everything meaning.

  • Title: The Teacher’s Naughty Secret
  • Author: Reed James
  • Published By: Naughty Ladies Publications
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09ZN79WRT
  • Publishing Date: May 4, 2022
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

The teacher has one naughty secret for the succubus to reveal!
The nerdy Trent’s day has not been the same since he accidentally summoned the busty and naughty succubus! Jezebel is a wicked delight that just wants him to have fun with all the hot women at his college he can. To make a harem of sultry beauties! Now Jezebel is eager to reveal his naughty teacher’s dark fantasy. She has one submissive and delicious desire that she desires. She just needs one strong man to give her what she craves. And Trent is that guy.

Trent’s desires are slowly taking control and Jezebel is more than happy to be holding his leash. Setting his sights on a teacher that doesn’t like him, and the feeling is mutual, Jezebel discovers the thread of desire which will change things. Perhaps not for the better, but that’s not important when a succubus is hungry.

The work continues on immediately from the prior work with Jezebel having finished making another of Trent’s dreams come true. Once she learns about Trent’s most disliked teacher, she focuses on turning that to their advantage, regardless of the consequences. Jezebel seems to be more sure of herself and while she might call Trent her master, there’s a sense that the tables will be turned soon.

The erotica still focuses on adult movie levels of heat, Trent has his way with Ashley, Jezebel gloats while helping things along. It really doesn’t have a lot of heat and it’s more of a moment of revenge than anything else. Jezebel’s commentary while she bends Ashley’s will seem spiteful, which makes sense, but they don’t add heat where there should be some.

It’s a pause in the story which really doesn’t do a lot to move the story onward. It’s a case where the sex takes over the story and it just goes in circles until the end of the moment. It does set up some problems for Trent, by design or not is the question. Overall it’s really the weakest of the series at this point and that’s a shame.

Jezebel’s mind control scenes are really well done, her teasing and manipulations of Ashey are so very naughty. But that’s the only glimmer in the work that caught my attention. Perhaps it’s time for Jezebel’s real plans to be revealed. It would be a twist for her manipulations of Trent to be creating more succcubi and honestly that would be really interesting. One can hope of course.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Overall there’s really not a lot that’s related to Jezebel and what she wants from Trent. There is an interesting little slip where Trent calls her Lilith however. It might be a mistake, or it’s a hint to Jezebel’s true nature. I really want to see the series take a step back from adult movie sex and get into something more. There’s more than enough hooks to make that happen. I still hope it will.


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