Succubi Image of the Week 756

Cute Morrigan Aensland art for this week’s image because of course it is both cute and it’s Morrigan. I just really like Morrigan when she’s being cute and a bit of a tease and today’s art reflects that part of her personality well…

Morrigan Aensland by yuki-oto

Morrigan Aensland by yuki-oto

This delightfully cute work is by the artist yuki-oto on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

Yes Morrigan is being cute. Yes she’s being a complete tease. But really that’s the appeal of her character and story. This art is just so perfect in letting that mischievous part of Morrigan appear and I’m delighted in how her smile and pose are just so exactly right.


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