Better horns and this might be something… maybe

Gothic Devil Corset Costume
Another one of those costumes which. given just a bit more effort could just tip itself into being something that isn’t a disaster. The thing is, considering how much this costume is, I can’t see why they didn’t go the extra mile.

This is the Gothic Devil Corset Costume and it comes with the corset, horns, pitchfork and gloves the model is wearing, Bottoms as stockings are not included and it sells for $130 US on the website I found it on.

That actually isn’t that bad all things considered. Mind you the horns and the pitchfork have to go. Still that’s really not all that much given the corset is nice and the gloves work well with it.

Much like the corset I looked at a little while ago, this needs the right skirt, thigh high stockings and heels to really bring the look out well. But the idea is there and it could be made to work with not all that much effort.

Three out of five pitchforks.

It’s a start towards something better given the style and drive to do so…


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