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This just doesn’t work at all as a costume

Devil Cropped Hoodie Costume

Occasionally I find a costume that I can’t quite wrap my tail around. It doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t look sexy, seductive or even manages to look “nice”. Perhaps it’s an idea that looked okay on paper, but the reality just seems to have lost to the tackiness. This is the Devil Cropped Hoodie Costume …

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A Review of She-Devils: 18 Erotic Paranormal Fantasies by Violet Reigns

She-Devils: 18 Erotic Paranormal Fantasies by Violet Reigns

A review today of a collection of works with a supernatural theme in which one of the stories has a succubus appearing. Short hot flashes about succubi can be a delight, offering a glimpse of the passions and desires they bring. Where things become interesting is when the desire brought to the surface only skims …

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Eternal – Part III by TeraS

Sometimes, just sometimes, Goddess allows for a miracle. The impossible is made real; a family becomes whole. It’s in that moment when a void in the lives of two red-tails is closed by the appearance of two blue-tails and a truth is recalled. The love of one’s parents is … Eternal – Part III By …

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A Review of A Scintillating Tale of Succubae & Sprites by Sherry Stone

A Scintillating Tale of Succubae & Sprites by Sherry Stone

In the telling of a story, there comes a point where events need to pause, the characters receive a moment to figure out where they are and what comes next. Rushing through a story, regardless of the entanglements that appear, doesn’t always work well. A story that builds itself on the erotica alone sometimes leaves …

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A lovely Succubus Girl Speedpaint YouTube

Succubus Girl by Halcyon

Another YouTube speedpaint video on the Tale today and it’s one in which the focus of the art tells a story, but the background offers something more as well. If you cannot see this video on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in the event the video vanishes, here’s a screenshot as well. …

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A Review of Manor of the Succubus by Jay Aury

Manor of the Succubus by Jay Aury

Choose your own adventure stories overall don’t work for me. They are missing something in the telling, the characters aren’t fully realized, It’s often that the story is scattered, repetitive, and the branches aren’t really that different. But when the adventure is told well, that can be delightful. A review then of a choose your …

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Succubi Image of the Week 757

Succubus by ケイ

A very different sort of Succubi art this time on the Tale. I think of it as a painting as a whole, there’s a certain tone to it as well. Perhaps in the beauty of form the hint of evil isn’t quite so powerful as it otherwise might be… I found this striking work of …

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