Succubi Image of the Week 755

There are some portraits of Succubi characters that offer what I think of as the barest of hints as to their personality and story. It’s something to think about which comes from an expression, a pose and the mystery they are…

New oc -- Lilith {+ Vid } by Snow-Kichiii

New oc — Lilith {+ Vid } by Snow-Kichiii

This lovely succubi character of mystery is by the artist Snow-Kichiii on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

There’s a lovely uniqueness in this art, the style is very striking and it really works well to bring out the form and personality of this character. Interesting horns and tail, her expression is quite lovely. Her overall look and pose gives a certain flavour which offers a story to think about in her past, who she is, and what comes next…


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