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Another pause in Morgane’s story for various reasons that I shan’t go into. In spite of this, there is a story to tell, something of a side Tale from the Realm that the Queen needs to …

By TeraS

Some things need to be explained. Whether they be vast and complicated or small and specific, the minutia of these things will come to the fore. It’s at those moments when someone has to explain why things are as they are, how they are meant to be accommodated, or not, and what follows from that piece of knowledge passed onwards.

These can be events of the past that brought about the here-and-now or current happenings which reveal truths not considered before. There’s a mixture of discovery in these events that can be enlightening, frustrating or, more often than not, find themselves tweaked by a certain red-tail’s bemusement.

Rules to be noted, regulations to be drawn out and defined are part of this, of course. These are things which keep the bureaucracy running, or chasing their own tails, which happens in those moments when Tera feels that the Realm bureaucrats are becoming a bit too wrapped up in their work and a lesson about what really matters needs to be applied. After all, there is a time and place for things to be explained, and then there are times when it’s less important than the moment teaching its own explanation to those who care to pay attention.

Experience itself, she would note to those who might be ever so slightly having their tails bent out of shape, may bring something to explain that’s far better at doing so than words written upon parchment in time long passed. The written word can express the thoughts of the moment when they are written. It can tell of the reasoning behind a rule, the desires lurking in the notes around the edges of what’s being explained to the readers themselves.

Now, to be clear, this is all connected and reflected in the need to explain the how and why of things. It’s the logic, sometimes hot, occasionally so very cold, which gives the words their meaning. But it doesn’t explain everything, nor does it really express what to some, and to one particular soul with so-green eyes, exists within.

There are many examples of this that she can wave a hand at, or her tail may poke in that direction to bring up the point. Not everything can be explained in a book or scroll. There are some things that words written on a page can’t tell fully, either. There are the ways of the world and then there are the needs of the heart and soul.

How does one explain the words that mean more than what can be placed on the page? The words can exist there, another’s eyes can see them and piece together what they suggest from their meaning, but are they really telling what the words clearly explain to the ebon-maned red-tail herself? How can there be more words to explain why she loves him with all her soul? How can there be more to explain when she sees him with their daughters? What could she possibly add to tell of his love given to his first love and his eternal love? What more can be expressed about his being so simply right in all of the ways that matter?

He is, after all, her Eternal.

A single word that offers the barest hint of what they have given each other. For some it’s a word only. For others it offers a sliver of meaning that explains so much that cannot be expressed enough to be fully explained. Perhaps the telling explanation is the one that inevitably appears when all else has been considered, expressed, and told. She explains he simply is. What other explanation need there be?

For there is something to be said about the surety in the knowledge of being another’s Eternal in return.

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