There are better gloves really

Evil Fingers Wet Look Gloves
I do like latex very much, those that know me are very well, and in some cases, intimately aware of this. The SuccuDress, to which all costumes are judged against, does have as part of the look a pair of opera gloves in black. It’s very much the right look and I have… well probably more pairs than I should admit to.

Still, I do browse the vast selections of such things looking for something to add to my collection and this week’s costume accessory isn’t it.

These are the Evil Fingers Wet Look Gloves and they sell for $14 US.

I really don’t like them mainly for the far too long fingernails that are attached to them. they are awkward, you are forever tugging on the gloves to tighten them to overcome the problems with trying to hold onto something with them.

There are other latex and latex-like gloves that are a bit tighter in size which just look so much better and smoother than these are. Really that’s the main issue here. It’s a one-size fits most and it really does’t at least for me.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

There are far better than this and if you really want long fingernails then get some latex gloves with open fingers and put on some press on nails to get the right look.


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