Becoming Part VII By TeraS

We return to Morgane’s story this time on the Tale, which I realize is a bit of a surprise considering the delays along the way. Still, it is never a straight path one travels when one is …

Part VII
By TeraS

For Morgane

This can’t be real. I’m still in the dream. It’s holding me in this moment and I’m being trapped by my desires. In the dream, I can feel my wings, horns, and tail. Pinching myself will prove this, one way or the other. I’m examining my nails, noting they are so much longer than what I usually have and wondering how much that will hurt. Before I can go through with it there’s a blur of red to my right before something slaps me across the cheek hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

Wiping the tears, I find the tip of my tail hovering in front of me. I’m not sure how I know exactly, but there’s an air of impatience in that heart-tipped tail. I watch her, and I have no idea how I know that she’s a she, moving sinuously before me. But one thing’s clear. This is real.

Gathering myself, I wobble to my feet in my red heels and look into the mirror. I recognize my hair and the hints of my body peeking out from the white robes that swirl around me. Coming closer, I notice my eyes are somehow deeper in colour. I catch myself falling into them, bumping my shoulder and a wing into the cool surface of the mirror.

Closing my eyes, I try to gather my thoughts, but I can’t ignore the feelings. The breeze from the air conditioner makes me shiver in spite of the robes that caress me. Tracing my hands over my curves, I can’t help the whimper of pleasure, the heat of desire within. It doesn’t help at all when my tail twines itself around my thigh, the tip rubbing against my calf. The touch of hands with long nails cupping my hips shocks me, and I open my eyes.

She’s spooned with me, I can see her bemused smile reflected in the mirror. My voice abandons me as she nuzzles her lips against the nape of my neck. An intimacy I’ve never experienced envelopes us and I give myself to her, body and soul. Her voice is honey, whispering of what we can do. She’s not exactly teasing me, though it’s so close that, without the dream, I’d miss the truth. She’s sharing her love.

Managing to slip free, I spread my wings against the mirror as she comes closer still. I can smell cherries in the air. I’m captivated by her so-green eyes. I don’t resist as she plucks my robes away. I wonder what she thinks of me, I’m not anything like the vision of passion she appears as. Feeling shame at not being good enough, I try to look away.

Cupping my cheek, she turns my face toward her once more. Shaking her head, her smile wraps around the words I know with all of my heart, then it happens. Perfectly shaped lips press against my own. Giving myself to her, I fall into her kiss, how she holds me, the surprising intimacy of two tails finding one another. It’s all sensation that’s so new and so familiar. She knows I am hers; it’s all that I have ever wanted from the first dream to this one.

I’m dazed as the kiss parts before she traces a finger along my nose. Something inside of me whispers to try, that she will catch me. I shouldn’t fear returning her intimacy, she loves me as I am. I want to believe that, to be lost in the moment with her, but my mortal frailties whisper that I can’t possibly be.

I will prove them wrong.

She will catch me.

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