Dearest by TeraS

Tomorrow, at least in the time and space where these words will be found, is rather important. Perhaps in the story that follows the meaning will be found; perhaps it will not be, save for one that will know. For this is a story that is meant for my …

By TeraS

For Elliot …

It is said that time is an illusion, a spectre of thought which mortals use to mark out the moments which appear and recede or can be just seen over the horizon which exists in the dimension where they reside. There are moments within time where we suddenly realize how much of that has passed by. We mark out milestones in those moments, events when we recall how things began and where they are in the here and now.

On this particular speck of dust within a larger universe, a companion turns about its mate, forever showing the same side to the souls below as they go about the trials and tribulations of their times. During the brightness of day, it fades into the background–occasionally noticed, but the bringer of light holds sway of these times. It is when the world turns, the geometry changes, and day gives way to dusk and then night that the companion takes over the bringing of light. The light reflected from its ashen grey surface gives the companion its place in the dark skies above, casting its influence upon the world below with more presence than what otherwise is noted by most.

Counting the time, it is a baker’s dozen times ten from the moment begun to the moment which approaches. In another means of counting, the time marks the completion of one circle of this speck, marking the point where a soul notes the moment of another’s progression as a result. Still a further means calculates the event as the roughly five thousandth, five hundredth and forty-second point from which something began which made the moment possible.

For a particular ebon-maned woman, who occasionally can be found with red horns and tail, but always with a bemused smile, this is all true and more. But beyond this comes the focus of all of these calculations, reflections, and realizations. She recalls the times before, the notes passed through the ether, the words spoken between souls with an understanding. One particular word has been present since the first hello, echoing through the ages to the present time.

It can be the beginning of a letter from one to the other, a simple word to open the dialogue from before and begin the transition towards the reply and thoughts to be shared before moving onto the discussion of what is and what each hopes will be. Further, the word expresses a friendship cast from time past to times to be, a hint of the adoration she has for him, knowing that he holds for her, and the place in which their understanding comes from. Being called Dearest, after all, is more than the word itself.

It is a word that for these two souls has meaning which cannot quite be expressed fully. The notes made here give a hint, but don’t quite express the relationship they have found in the simple expression of the word with each time it is spoken. Perhaps the word is akin to something more, which only two dear friends can hold within the friendship they cherish beyond the word given.

She looks out the window to find the moon peeking over the horizon and casts her thoughts above. She wonders if he is well, if something good came today for him. She recalls the stories about sending thoughts to the silvery moon and how they might find their way to the one being thought about. She considers this, how the moon is so very central to them both in name and existence. The clock on her desk gains her attention and she finds that in this moment the moon connects them by its position, the curvature of the Earth, and the instant in time.

The thought comes easily, the words are heartfelt and true as they have always been. She passes them in her voice to put them out in the world, to be carried by the moonlight above across the distance towards the one they are meant for. They will never be heard by his ears, but he carries the knowledge of them from the first hello onwards.

The two words have meant something more which is wrapped around the words themselves. The words that have carried on through, holding a promise made. The words which follow are the expression of a friendship, an understanding, and–most cherished of all–the sharing of the moonlight between them.

Hello, Dearest …

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