A Review of Swapped Succubus, Hunted by the Hellhound Shifters by Felicia Dumont

Swapped Succubus, Hunted by the Hellhound Shifters by Felicia Dumont

Swapped Succubus, Hunted by the Hellhound Shifters by Felicia Dumont

In telling a story about any sort of transformation, there’s a point where having the event occur off the page doesn’t really work well. It need not be overly described or over the top in its nature however. There is especially that need when the transformation is caused by an entity, they are mentioned, but there’s really nothing told about them.

That’s somewhat troublesome as it leaves a lot of story behind and really shouldn’t be. More so, there’s a point where expressing their nature matters a lot to the story and should be explored as well. Sometimes it takes but a handful of pages to create depth that might lead towards more wonder in a story.

The work tells of:

A dream that proves to be more real than he imagined, leads to Adam transforming into a gorgeous (and hungry) succubus. But as ‘Alice’ discovers what it means to be a succubus and learns about the world behind the Veil, ‘she’ detects the strong and enticing scent of something she doesn’t recognize. Alice soon finds herself face to face with three Hellhound Shifters who had been hunting her, focused on her own alluring scent. Will Alice turn and flee from these creatures? Or will she stand her ground and prove that a succubus has nothing to fear from beasts that would make better pets than hunters?

Adam discovers a book which is anything but ordinary. Opening the door to a world of change and discovery, he is changed, becoming the succubus Alice. But she’s not in Wonderland and the encounters she will face turn her world in new and unexpected ways.

The work begins with a gender transformation and then turns soon into an erotc work that revolves around a menge. There is a fair level of heat in the erotica, the characters are interesting in their needs and what they are. This shift towards the erotica, the appearance of the hellhound shifters and telling their story does work and is interesting on its own.

Alice, the succubus of the work, tells a lovely story about who she is and where she comes from. The descriptions are lovely and I enjoyed the story she tells about how things happened. I would hav however liked a bit more descriptiveness of her form as that’s a bit vague overall.

There’s a point that is mentioned, really in passing, that I think should have been explored. Revealing a succubi matriarch is a very interesting thing, but it’s not taken anywhere. The mention is a tease and not much more. Overall I think telling more of this, opening the world of the succubi more and if possible the telling of Alice being taught about her nature would have been nice to see.

The story moves quite quickly past the initial transformation and once the encounter with the pack occurs I liked the relationship building and explanation of why things come together as they did. It would have been nice to build that relationship more, to give voice to the characters more. Still things do fit together well and it is a fun story overall.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

I really would have loved to know more about the succubi matron that is so core to the beginning of the story. Similarly, there must be more succubi in this world, one encounter would have meant a lot to the story. Still it’s a cute read, there is heat, and the story has depth which I found interesting.


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