Breathe by TeraS

Another pause in Morgane’s story; my mind needs to be in the right place to tell the story and I’ve been occupied with … other things of late. Nonetheless, a story need not be longer than it must be to be able to …

By TeraS

There was a point in time when a mother watched her daughter rushing about the Realm, seeking this knowledge or that understanding. There was a moment when a father watched his daughter forming her own thoughts, coming to decide who she was and what she intended to do. It was a time when this certain ebon-maned, red-tailed future queen had no time to waste being idle, for there was much to be done.

This was, to be quite clear, a family trait. There was no time to idle when things needed to be done. Rest could come after, when things were settled. There would be, of course, some point when one might be able to stop and … breathe.

But there never seems to be that moment. There’s always something more to be done, something that was completed that could have been dealt with better and so is revisited. This is, certain people who don’t know her well might say–though she would refute it–a flaw in her character. For her, it’s the calling of her soul and bringing to others the light Goddess granted.

Even the ebon-maned red-tail called Tera needs moments to … breathe. One cannot burn the candle at both ends for too long, or run one’s tail ragged. Tails, after all, are not much fun when they are miffed. A miffed tail definitely is not a good thing.

There are moments when she can … breathe. The time isn’t spent, it’s invested for the future: holding a mug of hot chocolate while looking out the window at the first snow of winter, musing over her thoughts; reclining on the patio while her Eternal makes dinner on the barbecue just after the spring has made itself known; time in the middle of summer spent sitting on the dock at the family retreat, legs dangling in the water, watching the sunset as her daughters frolic in the gentle waves of the bay; the turning of fall; and the times when a Queen is so very naughty, her bemused smile returning fully once more.

These seen like random moments taken from scattered memories, and they are. But each matters to remind her that not every moment need be turned into what she might want it to be, nor is it a time when she must attempt to direct the universe to her will. There are some points where she must accept that the only thing that matters is to … breathe. One cannot live without breathing, be that air, love, or family. It’s in the time taken, to consider and reflect that one’s own breath can be taken before continuing onwards, that one finds wholeness.

To take another breath, to see what has been, is, and will be with the next …

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