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Succubi Image of the Week 751

Natalie Dormer by DekalFakes

It’s really not that often that a manip of one of the Succubi is the image of the week. But sometimes there’s an image that just has to appear for how amazing it is… This amazing work is by DekalFakes on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here. It’s really just such an …

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I don’t think there’s been a more apt name for a costume…

Fork Em Devil Lingerie Costume

It’s not very often that the name of a costume appears to have been given more than a passing thought. A play on words can be interesting, but it can also provide something of a thought as to what the intentions of the costume are, or that of the one that’s wearing it. This is …

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A Review of The Demon Within 2 by Adrian Adams

The Demon Within 2 by Adrian Adams

A review today of the second work in the Demon Within series which continues the journey of the main character, confronts her with a new reality, and turns the story forward. Coming of age for a succubus brings with it a change in mind and body. But it also brings a question which needs to …

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Delight by TeraS

It’s well becoming a meme, I know, in that there’s another week to wait for Morgane’s story to continue. Perhaps the hardest thing at the moment is getting back to the mood which took me into telling that story. That’s actually a frequent issue, being that the real world has its tribulations and all that …

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A Review of Mask of the Succubus Book 5 by Dakota Voss

Mask of the Succubus Book 5 by Dakota Voss

A review of the fifth work in the Mask of the Succubus series by Dakota Voss this time on the Tale. The one theme that has been present throughout the series is that of Vivian’s anger and how that shapes her as a succubus. While it is the driving force behind everything that happens, there …

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A Morrigan Aensland Cosplay Collection YouTube

Morrigan Aensland Cosplay YouTube Screenshot

A collection of Morrigan cosplayer images I found on Youtube today on the Tale. There’s something important about cosplaying Morrigan and it’s more than just showing off some cleavage. What matters most is bringing Morrigan’s personality to the fore and becoming the wonderful temptation she is… In case you cannot see this video here on …

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A Review of The Demon Within 1 by Adrian Adams

The Demon Within 1 by Adrian Adams

Not all stories which have a succubus character begin with them actually being succubi. For those that don’t, the transformation, or becoming, matters. How their personality changes, how they react to the horns, tails and other physical parts of being a succubus do need to be explored. A review then of the first work in …

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