A Review of Webcamming Succubus, Caught by my Boyfriends Dad by Felicia Dumont

Webcamming Succubus, Caught by my Boyfriends Dad by Felicia Dumont

Webcamming Succubus, Caught by my Boyfriends Dad by Felicia Dumont

Stories about Succubi need not focus on the sex the characters have above all else. While the erotica is part of the story, it shouldn’t be exclusively what the story is about. Telling a story, going past the need towards the succubus dealing with it, understanding herself, that’s what makes a story something more.

In taking that path, the story becomes far more adventurous, more telling. There’s life to the characters, they are not one dimensional creatures of porn. That is a story that I find captivating.

  • Title: Webcamming Succubus, Caught by my Boyfriends Dad
  • Author: Felicia Dumont
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 46 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: February 27, 2022
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Maya’s life is forever changed when she submits to an Incubus in her dreams and becomes a succubus. Maya must learn to deal with her newfound lusts and heightened senses, as she resists the wonderful aroma of every man around her. Webcamming becomes a much-needed reprieve and outlet for the succubus as she tries to remain ‘good,’ still coming to terms with the realities of what she is. But what is she to do when she and her boyfriend end up living with his father, Keith? How can she deny the constant delectable scent of this man that seeks to arouse her every waking minute of the day? And what’s worse, how can she possibly manage the sheer overwhelming frustration when she can smell an even more euphoric scent coming from his room before he goes to sleep?

For Maya, what seemed a dream has changed her life and soul. Her needs are more. she sees others differently. But the need can be overpowering and a solution has to be found. In that discovery, Maya finds what she needs and who she is now cannot be escaped, not that she would ever want to.

The work is a slow burn erotic story which has heat, but doesn’t wander into adult movie situations. Maya, the main character, tells of a lot of self pleasure, frustration, and then turns towards the encounter at the climax which is warm, loving and remains true. This isn’t a hot flash where the story comes to a crashing halt, it’s so much more.

Maya, the succubus of the story, isn’t fully a succubus. She has many of the powers of one, she tells of her adventures using them. It’s really cute when she figures out something of herself and the cosplays as a succubus through her outlet in the story of webcamming. The telling of those moments is wonderful and gave me a smile.

What really makes this work something special is how Maya’s journey of discovery, of sorting out her new life, isn’t one sex scene after the next. She grows as a character, she learns about herself. This gives so much depth to the story that the erotica doesn’t need to overpower it.

There’s a lot more here than really might have been expected and I was delighted in discovering that. How Maya deals with her situation is inspired which makes the story so much more.

Four out of five pitchforks.

While her story ends well, I’d like to have seen something more, that being Maya being fully a succubus, perhaps somehow her boyfriend becoming an incubus. There’s a lot of story to expand on and it would be interesting to see.


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