This costume is missing something

Sexy Devil Halloween Costume
The single thing that almost always appears in the “lovely” costumes I have found, is the question of why. Why would a costume that really doesn’t look nice, mixed with accessories that look trashy, be the most common thing to be found? The obvious answer is cost but does it take that much more effort to add some style and sexiness?

This is called the Sexy Devil Halloween Costume and it comes with the dress, pitchfork and horns the model is wearing and it sells for $40 US at most of the sites it’s been found on.

I don’t care for the entire look from the lousy horns through the disappointing pitchfork right to the dress itself. It’s that she of trashy, looks relatively cheap and just isn’t that flattering.

It wouldn’t be hard to come up with something better, there’s lots of black dresses, without the ribbons, that are sexier, the pitchfork is easily exchanged for better ones and the horns… well that’s well left unsaid.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

It’s really nothing special, has little going for it and there’s so many other options that would be so much better…


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