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A Review of Greed by Wes Havoc

Greed by Wes Havoc

Works by the author Wes Havoc run hot and cold for me. Far too often the stories drift into stereotypical characters with no personality and that’s a real shame. The story ideas are interesting, the settings can be amazing, but if the characters are dull and lifeless, there’s not a lot to enjoy. However, there …

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Becoming – Part V by TeraS

At last we return to the story of Morgane today. As much as I want to get to the point of things, there’s a sort of interlude that I feel needs to be touched on. If you are sure what you want, you wouldn’t question your … Becoming Part V By TeraS For Morgane She’s …

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A Review of Cursed by the Succubus by Cass Griswold

Cursed by the Succubus by Cass Griswold

Succubi are, of course, sexual beings. But it is not just their physical form which makes them so, the mental aspects of their being should not be discounted for they are what truly drives them. Need is a powerful thing, it can drive one to doing unpalatable things or seek to bring about the downfall …

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A lovely Morrigan Aensland Artwork YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by Kriss Navz

Another work of Morrigan Aensland art I found on YouTube that’s wonderful in it’s form and how that brings out Morrigan’s personality. If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. As always, in the event the video disappears, here’s a screenshot of the artwork. Lovely use of colour and …

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A Review of Mask of the Succubus Book 4 by Dakota Voss

Mask of the Succubus Book 4 by Dakota Voss

A review of the fourth work in the Mask of the Succubus series by Dakota Voss this time on the Tale. There’s a lot to like in this series, the mythos and characters have been captivating. At some point it would be nice to tell the story of the mask as well of course. Being …

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Succubi Image of the Week 746

Charm by yeklsa

There are certain looks for Succubi in anime that just work well. Some of them are a but over the top, leading to the nose bleed meme of course. But there are others that are cute and delightfully so. This week’s image is every bit that and more. This work is by the artist yeklsa …

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It’s hard to pick one word to describe this costume mess

Demon Woman Costume

There are some costumes that I cannot quite find a single word to describe them. Tacky seems to be not enough, nor is awful or trashy. Perhaps cheap is the best one for this costume. This is the Demon Woman Costume and it comes with the jumpsuit that has an attached tail, the gloves and …

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