A Review of My Valentine’s Sucks!(ubus) by M.F. Moody

My Valentine's Sucks!(ubus) by M.F. Moody

My Valentine’s Sucks!(ubus) by M.F. Moody

Stories about succubi that present them to be unique, special and adorably fun are just a delight to me. There’s something about a young tailed ones being sure they understand something, and then discovering that they didn’t quite know how things work.

That can be a lot of fun, bring a smile and when that plot takes a turn towards something wonderful, that’s the most amazing thing of all.

  • Title: My Valentine’s Sucks!(ubus)
  • Author: M.F. Moody
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 63 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B09S191VNK
  • Publishing Date: February 7, 2022
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Succubus Jane Chérir is excited. For the first time ever, she’s allowed to visit and live on Earth. She’s been preparing her entire life for this opportunity and has the numerous Earthly degrees and doctorates to prove it!

However, things start to go wrong very quickly for this Calamity Jane, in both her professional and personal life. How can she live her dream of matchmaking humans, of creating those lifelong connections to sustain her, when she can’t even keep a job for more than a day? And what is she going to do with these growing feelings for her sweet and nerdy neighbour when she doesn’t even know if she’ll be staying after her probation is up?

The most wonderful thing has happened to Jane and Lucille, something they have been working towards for such a long time… they’ve been approved to visit the mortal world. For succubi, it’s wonderful to be able to bring passion to others and it’s everything they want. But Jane soon finds some problems along the way, and that cute guy she met has questions about her too.

This is just the most fun, amusing and heartfelt story about succubi that I have read in some time. The mythos is close to my heart, I just adore the characters, and there’s just such a feeling of the writer’s joy in telling the story that comes through. Something of a mixture of romance, fantasy and self-discovery and it takes Jane on a journey that is so very transformative for her.

Jane is simply wonderful, she very much reflects my own thoughts on succubi and there’s just something so perfect about her mixture of passion, innocence and desires that meshes well. There’s far less about Lucille, which is a shame, but the little glimpse of her we see just brings so much character and wonder by far.

All of the characters have strong voices, tell of themselves well and the exploration of Jane discovering the truth about herself, what her kind knows, and why her luck seems so bad was just deliciously funny. Written exceptionally well, the characters being so much life, the story enamours and it’s just a perfect work of fun and delight that I can’t speak highly enough of.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just a really fun and delightful story from beginning to end. The story ends on a hopeful note that makes the journey perfect too. There is, however, a dangling plot point which I really hope gets the attention it deserves. It wouldn’t be difficult to connect Lucille’s thread to another holiday, tell of how her time went, and really that would be a lot of fun to see unfold too.

Very highly recommended for a smile, a laugh and more.


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