Succubi Image of the Week 741

Something of a stylistic work of Succubi art this week on the Tale. There are certain aspects of the form of a Succubus which must appear and in this case the interesting thing is how simple forms and shapes create the personality and character] that is seen…

Lit Bitch by llunavi

Lit Bitch by llunavi

This work is by the artist llunavi on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this work here.

The mix of colours work very well and the overall look is both familiar even with the angular aspect of this work. Interesting expression, her tail is centre stage as all tails tend to want to be much of the time. Her eyes are quite captivating, there’s a sort of haunting feeling to them that’s a contrast to her form.

A lovely and unique work overall that I think is wonderful…


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