A lovely Warcraft Succubus YouTube

The Warcraft succubus is something of a hit or miss for me, that being mostly to her hooves which I can’t quite bring myself to like very much. The thing is, art that doesn’t show off that part of her I tend to enjoy quite a lot. That said, a lovely work in progress YouTube this time on the Tale in which some delightful art appears…

In case you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

In the event the video disappear, here’s a still image of the artwork which is just lovely…

Illidan Stormrage sketch by Douglas Deri

Illidan Stormrage sketch by Douglas Deri

Amazing detail, her look is seductive from her eyes and hair to her overall skin tones and how she’s posed. I like the softness to her body shape, it’s an interesting way to express personality in the image and i think that works really well.

Just a delightful succubus artwork that offers a story to tell…


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