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An Adorable Morrigan Aensland Marker Art YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by M. Victoria Robado - SHOURI

There aren’t really that many drawings that are made away from the computer screen. I found this YouTube the other day and I think it’s just the most adorable Morrigan Aensland art I’ve seen for a while… In the event you can’t see this video here on the Tale, please try this link. In case …

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The best birthday gift of all is family after all…

Tera and her Dearest Brother by DarkShadowArtworks

It would seem that today is my birthday, though as a wise soul once said: Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. Perhaps on this day that is more an apt thought than might otherwise be. Still with this day domes the question of gifts, for which brings me to a specific one. Family does …

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Succubi Image of the Week 742

Pastel Demon by Gabriela Gogonea

I do love art of Succubi with a more modern style in their clothing. Something that looks ordinary can be quite extraordinary with the right look, the right character and the style that goes along with that… This work is by the artist Gabriela Gogonea on Artstation and you can find the original page here. …

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I’m not sure what this costume is really

She-Devil Ladies Costume

It’s far too often that a costume appears which isn’t quite what it seems to be. There’s a look shown, which amounts to something, but when reading the fine print you discover that the only reason it looks even slightly devilish is because of the accessories. When the basic costume then doesn’t even come with …

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A Review of My Valentine’s Sucks!(ubus) by M.F. Moody

My Valentine's Sucks!(ubus) by M.F. Moody

Stories about succubi that present them to be unique, special and adorably fun are just a delight to me. There’s something about a young tailed ones being sure they understand something, and then discovering that they didn’t quite know how things work. That can be a lot of fun, bring a smile and when that …

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Becoming – Part IV by TeraS

We return to the story of Morgane once more today. I’m unsure if next week the story will continue or be delayed–the reasons are known to those that matter. It is never a simple decision to touch one’s dream. It is, after all, the moment when one starts … Becoming Part IV By TeraS For …

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A Review of Signed in Red and White by Damon Frostheart

Signed in Red and White by Damon Frostheart

There’s little point to stories in which the succubus character is simply in the story and not part of it. It’s far more interesting when they have a reason to be there, a goal in mind or, more delightfully, a relationship to explore. It’s in those stories where the fun appears and the succubus can …

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