Succubi Image of the Week 734

One of the aspects I look for in art of Succubi is the smile. It can be temptation or evil, delight or erotic. The smile can be the singular thing that brings all of the aspects of a piece of art together. A work then this week in which there is temptation, naughtiness and a smile which beckons…

Soul eater by Rainbowgutss

Soul eater by Rainbowgutss

This work is by the artist Rainbowgutss on DeviantArt and you can find the original page with this art here.

She’s a really interesting mixture of temptation and naughtiness. I don’t really get a feeling of evil that overcomes her look, the hearts in the air and teasing expression. I especially love her hair, eyes and the smile just works so well. The outfit suits her body shape, it’s a good match against the mood and colours of the work too.

Sexy temptation is always a delight to find…


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