March 2022 archive

Succubi Image of the Week 738

Succubus by Duckpotato24

A portrait artwork this time for the Succubi of the Week and it’s one of those images that I tend to ponder and think about. Perhaps in this case my thoughts turn to just what the subject of this art’s status is and what she has done to arrive there… This work is by the …

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The name says it all really…

Wig with Devil Horns

Yet another wig and horns combination this time on the Tale that just leaves a lot to be desired and not in a good way. It’s a shame that the wig actually works well, but then the horns just don’t. This is the imaginatively named Wig with Devil Horns and it sells for $20 US. …

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A Review of Until Depletion by Kristofer Burns

Until Depletion by Kristofer Burns

In the telling of succubi stories that are on the dark side, there is always someone that loses and someone that survives. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the two apart, to see who the characters are and why they do the things they do. Evil alone isn’t a good enough reason sometimes for being so. …

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Consider by TeraS

A short delay in the story of Becoming this week for … reasons. My intention is to continue the story next week, however. That said, this is another one of those reflection works that appears from time to time on the Tale. Something, perhaps, to … Consider By TeraS The Palace of the Realm is …

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A Review of Letters to V by V Djinn

Letters to V by V Djinn

The way stories are told can offer an interesting temptation sometimes. A hint of something not said, words not spoken or, more often than not, an idea whispered into fantasies. A review then of an interesting erotic idea which has some promise, certainly offers a tease to enjoy but comes a bit short in the …

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An amazing Morrigan Aensland Ink Artwork YouTube

Morrigan Aensland by Makini Draws

There aren’t really a large number of Morrigan Aensland inked artworks to be found. For the most part they are coloured and appear as such. A YouTube then this time on the Tale of the creation of a wondrous work that I find enthralling… In the event you cannot see this video here on the …

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A Review of The Sixth Witch by Janet Graceland

The Sixth Witch by Janet Graceland

Succubi can be found in many stories to be something of a driving force in the transformation of others. It makes sense they are, the appearance of magic does need a conduit after all. But having a character look like a succubus isn’t really enough. There should be purpose to the succubus being present, they …

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